jennifer as I pack to move into my new apartment
I found a set of cups my mother gave me

and they have a strawberry on each of them
gaudior they could have stayed there...forever, it seemed...it was just so...

wrapped in joy.

surrounded by faith.

enclosed in hope.
amy warmth on this side of the moon.

warmed discrete communication
shinny red dot mmm...summer...i'm there... 000118
hahaha I like the kind of warmth only alchohol can give! 000118
yam forget the moment I saw you
forget when every inch of my body longed for your touch
forget that I yearn to be by you
forget that my body is with yours
nothingman why is it always so cold? do we need happiness to feel warmth? is that where warmth comes from? why is it always so cold? it's always cold. my feelings are cold. does that make my body cold? 000221
Danielle hearth fire smoldering with dragon's blood: return of the heart,
I come again.
Tank when i think of you something primal stirs within me. my womb, belly and heart lurch into flame and i love to lie there very still and breathe the feeling in until i am suffused by it. people say i glow all the time now, they must be feeling the fire. do you..? 010223
chanaka "i want your warmth, but it will only make it colder
when it's over"
i want to feel your warmth, not your words. it's so cold here alone. please tell me you love me and will keep me warm. i don't care that i will be even colder later. just now is what matters.
Mr. Wonderful There is nothing better than a warm cup of coffee, friends, and a booth at Happy Chef. 010310
the repeater amy
one might blather for selfish reasons, to discover the associations in your mind. 980908
fli heroin hug (evil but true) 011217
soy can a hug satisfy my hunger for warmth? but why does the thought keeps me warm and cold at the same time?
warmth may be relative but it is definitely something everyone needs.
Arugula Red You turn your face to me
and feel my warmth, like a fire or hot stove on a cold december day.

You linger in my heat, and smile

Your face flushed and orangey looking.

But then you leave to go where you came from, fuck you.
butterfly there are two kinds of warmth that are better than almost anything else in the world...
~the warmth i feel when i'm snuggled next to my boyfriend, wrapped in his warm arms
~the warmth you get from hot chocolate in your living room on a cold winter day
girl_jane Don't forget about the warmth of summer... 030222
blown cherry Mmmmmmm, I just want to lay and bathe in this feeling forever. 031206
Naomi I remember what your skin
feels like in
the dead of night
it feels right
the rising and falling
of your sleeping
against my breast
in the light of
the dark, the warmth of your love
surrounded me in my dreams
until the window gleamed
with the afternoon sun
and we were done
unhinged i'm a human_furnace
and i curl up under my covers
down and fleece
can't bring myself to crawl out
hibernation instinct

you curl up next to me under the covers
and i could picture the next four months
old_school ways of staying warm
steam and body heat

both of us with the creaky joints of people twice our age
heat the best remedy
'thanks for the warmth'
thanks for the company
bartering in the simple things
someone that understands what i'm about
what's it to you?
who go