stupidpunkgirl a little girl that grew up too fast.
she's pretty and manipulative.
and doesn't care about anyone but herself.
this little girl, with her long black hair and black lipstick.
tore apart a boy's heart.
she did something to him, that he won't even talk about.
she did something which caused him to panick and leave me.
he thought i would hurt him, he thought i was her.
unique butterfly yes. i knew a girl named tara. she grew up too fast too. i miss her though. 010602
Aimee I knew this girl named Tara... I've always hated her though. She was so controlling and one time she made me cry in school. I didn't appreciate that. 010602
Casey My tara is a very nice person to everyone except me. When I try to say hi she only turns away and frowns. Then the next person she sees she puts a huge grin and talks to them.

And I didn't even DO anything to her, or anyone for that matter
tina he finally got over jenn and was supposed to come back.
then the freshman tara comes out of nowhere and he nearly begs permission to ask her out. and i let him screw me over again.
thanks, scott.
ilovepatsajak we get food from taco bell and eat it in the leominster motor inn parking lot for kicks 011210
tina god dammit, why? 011211
margaret mitchells ghost gone with the wind and shit 011211
nemo once was 011211
god fher the turnstiles 020405
stupidpunkgirl i'm friends with her now.
boys lie.
she is a lot cooler than he ever was.
i wish i got to know her first.
aigust ...will forever try to fill the hole inside that was carved out long ago in a time when she could not hide.
...may find what see seeks, though I hope not for she deserves better.
...may someday leave my mind at peace.
CrumblyCrackers The Girl That Broke My Heart. 020919
IWishICouldGoWithDavid She probably stopped loving me long before she stopped loving the game. 021217
beaver Ahhh Tara, Tara, where to start,
these feelings come only from the heart,
those eyes that make me melt inside,
she says "hi" and I begin to gleam with pride.
I feel as though I could spend every day,
by her side, in any way,
but I never know if it is meant to be,
will it ever work? her and me...
I think about her day and night,
I feel like an eagle high in flight,
how can I feel about her so,
she's with me everywhere I go.
Even when I watch her crochet,
she makes me want to laugh and play,
A grin crossess from ear to ear,
When I watch that girl come closer near.
Ahh, that face, so sweet and true,
to think of life without her makes me blue,
She makes me crazy, wild, insane,
I want to steal her, take her away on a plane.
She picks up her trumpet, notes fill the air,
I feel like I don't have a single care,
The music she plays, whether fast or slow,
It gives me butterflies deep down below.
Her nose so cute, her lips so fine,
What I wouldn't give to call her mine,
So smart, and funny, strong willed and true,
the bell rings, she can't be late, and away she flew.
Miss Lavender, if only you knew,
maybe I love her? Maybe I do...
white_wave the name i would like to call my firstborn girl. 040305
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