COLDandBLUEkitty today was another board to death show. and rich's band played again.. which meant.. DUM DUM DUM!!! that the old school winona boys might arrive (in reality they came because a who calls them self "good morning" from winona played) but.. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! they came!! although.. :( skuz was not with them this time. but..
because of the fact that wesley willis (a.k.a. ice cream cone man) came.. and wanted 500 dollars they split the show! DAMMIT!! but.. we went to the 7 show.. cuz we were there already and cuz keith let us in for 4 bucks cheaper than it actualy cost. BUT!!! oh my oh my oh my.. i was outside getting a friend of mine to purchase me some tobacco products (which i lost about an hour later... GRRRR) but while i was out there.. oh my oh my oh my..
JOE!! perhaps the "leader" we're not sure.. but we think he's the hottest of the dirty old school punk boys from winona.. so.. he can be.. meow. HE.. oh my!! looked at yours truely and asked me for a cigarette.. i most certainly obliged.. and then he asked me what they could do for 3 hours before the 10 o'clock show "dennys" oh yah.. and he yelled over to his friends and i ran off.. hot hot hot hot.. diiirty..
and he asked me what "we" were doing after the show (he meant me and emily.. cuz he was at rich's party last time and obviously got the idea that me and emy-face are ALWAYS TOGETHER!!) "dennys" and he was like.. hey.. wanna have sex then?? (just kidding.. they asked emily that a couple months ago) and he made it sound like they were going to dennys adn that they'd wait for us.. but they wern't there.. we left like 3/4 of of the way through the show to check.. and they wern't. nope nope nope. so.. maybe he isn't the leader.. or maybe he is and said "NO, beer!! beer is far more important than coffee.. because afterall we are the old school punk boys from winona and we are hot and we are dirty (actualy i believe deliciously filthy is a better word, but i don't think he'd say that cuz he was kinda drunk even at the show and drunk yummy old school punk boys from winona don't say things like that when their drunk)and beer and da' punk rock is what we live for. OI OI OI, a riotous bunch we are!!" yaaaaaaah!! go joe!!

joe.. however.. is coincidentaly the name of the boy with his tongue pierced.. that was at face to face.. if you want to know how we know it was pierced.. ask emily. RAAAAAWR! but he was from mankato which means he is NOT one of the yummy old school punk boys from winona. dammit!

anyway.. a hot dirty old school punk boy talked to me today.
and if you ask me
"meghan, would you have gotten naked with him and used whip cream in obscene ways??"
i'd reply..
DUH!! I"D DO HIM!! he's one of the yummy old school punk boys from winona..
AND i might add.. the owner of our precious skuz!

sabbie i love seeing punks
down the street
across the station
out at clubs
or on the train.
it always makes my day.
tropical fish
in a pond full of carp.
torn jeans
safty pins
huge clompy boots
coloured hair spiked right up
in a hundred different ways.
i think theyre cute,
the same way little kids are cute,
but i dont think id ever tell one.

they might take it the wrong way.
silentbob meghan

if they are really "old school" then they are not boys. they are 40 year old men.
what makes them old school? they like punk music that is older than you? or what? if that is so, then i am an old school punk boy.

otherwise...explain this phenonmenon to me.
Bird (OI OI OI) mad when i was nineteen

with my combat boots, dead_kennedys t-shirt (among others), black sportcoat with brightly coloured buttons (sex pistols, doa, jfa, tsol, DK) or green army jacket with magic marker shit drawn on by friends, dog choker around my neck and spike wristband, my heroin stash (the infamous cigarettes), my irregular haircut and for awhile even, a Misfits Fiend Club armband stolen from someone in the pit at a 7SECONDS show

box with about four-hundred or so tapes bought stolen and or bootlegged in my bedroom

nearly ten years ago
what's it to you?
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