sphinxradio someday i will either publish them, or burn them.

depends on how cold it is outside.
Casey Mine all filled with the useless shit of my past, the dreams and hopes of my future, and the sharp pains and realization of the present. 011108
Sonya I have about 50 million of them now. Some are filled with philosophy notes, some political, some poetic, some sad. I have notes filled with random thoughts, I have notes filled with doodles, I have notes filled with equations.

I will keep every single notebook and when I'm 50 years old I will look back through them and remember what it was like to be young and on the verge of realizing my dreams. I will run my fingertips down the spiral wires and read over the scribbles on the covers. I will always treasure my notebooks because they're my babies.
angie me and twiggie had a notebook
we started it freshmen year
it was very cool
we wrote the same
it was very odd...
i had so much fun bein funny with you at school
where is our notebook? did you find it yet?
i hope you did!
I DO!! hehe
remember that??
that was fun
twiggie I DON'T

and yes, i know where it is. actually, yesterday i was thinking i should write in it. maybe i'll do that. let's see how much more we can write in our last semester of highschool.
angie that would be fuckin sweet!!! I think we should... :) for old times sake
i am sooo glad we are still friends even tho we dont get to hang out that much!!
I LUV U!!!

haha oh...and I DO...dont think ur gonna get off that easy!
twiggie i don't i don't i don't


sorry...i just had to.
reitoei my teacher says it has really thick paper. its a five subject, three for class, 1 for scribbled notes and 1 for my thoughts. my life is scribbled between those pages. my fantasties and critcisms of society nestled in with math formulas and chemistry notes. i thought id lost it last week. i freaked out. not beacuse i had my homework in there. but because i had the last few months of my creative life in there. eventually it all gets typed up and filed away on my computer, but theres something about the pen moving across the paper thats not quite the same as a computer. besides i dont want to carry my laptop around all the time. 020303
CJ the things that I have said so much in that will probably never be read by someone else. Especially because so much of my writing has been about one thing. And that thing is no longer around. a few of my friends would probably like to know what they say but one I will never let find out and the other would only take pity on me. 020822
Beth i have millions of them it seems. some are plain jane. some are hardbound in leather. everything i know is written in each one. what do i do with them? the logical thing is to watch them burn in a fire that would light the sky for a few hundred cities. the alternative is to keep them so that one day my children will know how fucked up i really am. someone bring the marshmallows. 020822
squint beth

just wanted to say I think the same sort of thing.

sometimes i think too much about what might happen to my journals if i have an untimely death and...

oh they'll all know how twisted I am.

fire is always the solution...
devalis I have trouble with notebooks. I buy them because I love the look and smell of fresh, clean, lined paper, but then I'm hesitant to write in them because of the sheer beauty of it all. 020822
Bethie Devalis,

i thought that i was the only one who did that. :) i do end up using mine eventually though. i remind myself that it is just paper. it wants to 'be' and who am i to stop it from being.

(i had no idea that there was another Beth here at blather when i blathed above. sorry Beth.)
angie I do jessi...
I do.
what's it to you?
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