For sure! i'm gonna make a new one..... i drank too much pop. 000712
grendel great 010107
Xipe Totec Animaniac Titicaca 010107
birdmad Erie 010107
TalviFatin Antoine Lake

Bass Lake (Daniel lives on this one)
Allison Sometimes I wish I would drown in one. 010724
marjorie twin lakes
ice skating
and a bit of fun
colder than hell when it's cold enough for that snowball not to melt
End Is Forever It's 3am...

The lake is frozen.
The sky is clear.
I'm all alone by the lakeside.

Won't you come and sit with me?
Kate Yesterday the six of us cousins swam in the dirty lake... Jessica was there with her boyfriend but she actually talked to us "youngins" and let me borrow her blue bikini because I forgot mine. We played Capture the Flag lake-style and played around. My aunt made us go in once we started throwing mud from the bottom of the lake at each other.

At the same lake, over New Years Eve, we skated all around the ice and played hockey and raced across the thin ice. I laid down on the snowy part and made snow angels and thought of a friend.
kerry chatuge

there are pictures of me playing in the lake mud on the shore... i had a toddler's tummy until fourth grade at least. my uncle has boats that he took us in, Susie always had a boyfriend with her. they'd sit in the back with their arms around each other and laugh at our cousins when they fell over on their skis.
Andrew Sier I pull up out of habit and backtrack. Remember. There was the other spot, the one I found when the spot was fenced off for the concert thing, higher up better view sun coming off the water blinds me but not so bad. Wind, road, wind, big_ol_jet_air_liner, carry me to salvation and a quiet spot to think (repeating_myself).

Flashback? No, read. Good book. The_Old_Gods_Waken, by Manly Wade Wellman, 1979, Doubleday. Druids, Indians, kinda Lovecraft vibe, but not so bleak. Look up, blink in sun, someone is waterskiing. Swoosh back and swoosh forth. Looks like fun. I would fall in the water at least seven times a minute, but it would be fun. Engine. Car. Turn, head, turn, big_ol_jet_air_liner, who dares ruin my folkfest? Middle_aged_man in green POS, wave and wave back, starts to walk around the lot. He's working on it! Look back at boat, prophecy_fulfilled, person has fallen in the water. Boat circles around to pick up stranded personage. Personage clambers into boat, a tiny black figure lent a tinier hand by another tiny black figure in boat. Back to book for a second, then back to boat. Boat stopped, everyone gone. Where go? Place bookmark, put down book, watch boat. Boat remains at all_stop, rotating slowly clockwise in the wind. Nothing. Comes the dawn, I am being fantastically rude, quick back to book, sorry people! Of course, I still peek back at intervals, I still being I, but the situation remains the same for roughly half an hour when boat suddenly roars (buzzes) to life and speeds away.

And then I come here and write about it to total_strangers for no good reason other than to write something. Am I laughing? No, seriously, am I laughing?
lokkust File stupid: Next stop, lake of love. Ugh. 041209
illusionary_reality lush greenery all around, muddy water below, guarding secrets of infernal depth. birds circling overhead, warning you of unknown dangers.
but a slip of the foot reveals something more, as the lake is

and waiting.
verbalslippage j 061102
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