me? i went dumpster diving a few days ago, came across all sorts of things that people had chosen for one reason or another to throw away. a few tv sets, exhaust pipes, that sort of thing, before i came across a black bag quietly sitting on top of one particularly drab dumpster. inside the bag, though, were the relics of some persons life, from the mid 70's through the late 80's. it was quite amazing. clothes, little girl clothes, weird hats, christmas, thanksgiving, easter, halloween decorations long forgotten (a headless ceramic turkey). underneath were photographs, magazines. most of the photographs were gone, but there were many negatives, pictures of a baby with its grandparents, a man with his ear to his pregnant wife's belly, men with beards, old people mostly. a book entitled 'chafing dish magic'. the magazines included several editions of 'coin collector', an articled entitled '1984: this is the year to buy an RV'. many pamphlets about RV parks throughout the united states, santa cruz, the midwest. an edition of time magazine, 1986, a special on the challenger shuttle occurrence (had Feynman figured out the reason at that point?). more things. an edition of man's life, a semi-pornographic mag from the 1970s. a little ceramic statue of a monk fucking a naked woman while pretending to be praying on his knees. a ceramic indian head. and that was about it. an entire life could be reconstructed from one bag of garbage. 991122
|sCaRReD*disTrOyeD| The entire world is one huge chunk of floating garbage. 991128
amy an attracter. magnetizes me to it. 000203
birdmad i thought you were special, i thought you should know 000501
peyton I went into someone's house once, and they had garbage and refuse strewn all over. They had lived that way for years.

Can someone call garbage home?
confabulation home is where the heart is...

like the band to an extent.

haven't much to say on the subject.

those thoughts were garbage.
mistaken Madison? is that u?

its jamie...
confabulation its about time you noticed me.
I saw ur screenname, knew it wuz you.
I searched for blather recently, cuz i remembered u mentioning it at the beginning of summer.
call me!
the crow garbage i am 020207
homelesswalker garbage is what us street people find to collect to call our own. We drag these treasures to our cardboard homes, or our tent homes or some old abandoned building home and we hang on to these treasures because it helps us to know we are still real.
If we don't have something, if we are rejected then we are the garbage.
I heard it said that we should be put to sleep and tossed in the dumps.
farmer one time i found a lot of secrets in a garbage can. i took them with me, like you said hats and things like that, and threw them away across town. also, if you're hungry, there is bread and stuff like that behind bakeries. it's usually only a day old. but i wouldn't eat that stuff, only if it has been a while since last meal. 030428
spades41 you cant have MY G-A-R-B-A-G-E
no sir
you can't have IT
Jess Why not? 040515
jordie that's all I am.
tender skies twisting metal in a canister.
where are you
in this
w o r l D
of mistrust - doubt.
that's all I am.
orange peels seeping through the cracks of
f o r g o t t e N
fishnet stockings a fishnets woven to snag trout.

tender skies turn rabid,
owls perched - wise and
they make me feel ashamed for being
the promiscuous g i r l I've turned out to be.
turned out to fuschia hills, heavy with hue of sunset.
a fork in the road, s i lENT.

I'm feeling a little anxious.
feeling a little nervous and uptight.
Where are my keys?

this door won't open
unless you have the password.
you can't get no fucking password.

Thus, unfortunately, it's too bad.

an i n c u b u s seducing me in my sleep.
My dreams bring me visions of another place.
The place where I was supposed to be.

why did I get l o s T ?
nothing's understandable.
I WON'T accept your apology NOR his or the other's.
O! Wild horses, manes flutter in the zephyrs of lost lands.

Carry me away from the tender skies,
the aroma of paprika is burning my passion
ergo This bigots florescence
owes nothing to bigots everywhere
who own their small worlds
ergo So can't we say bigot?
So far..... Who are you allowed to hate?
Big Overtime My stage name is Big Overtime. Fans call me the Big OT. 161202
unhinged i have human garbage for neighbors 161202
what's it to you?
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