The Schleiffen Man an older english spelling of fairy...

i like it more better
zavyman A Gentle Knight was pricking on the plaine,
Y cladd in mightie armes and siluer shielde,
Wherein old dints of deepe wounds did remaine,
The cruell markes of many' a bloudy fielde;
Yet armes till that time did he neuer wield:

His angry steede did chide his foming bitt,
As much disdayning to the curbe to yield:
Full iolly knight he seemd, and faire did sitt,
As one for knightly giusts and fierce encounters fitt.

But on his brest a bloudie Crosse he bore,
The deare remembrance of his dying Lord,
For whose sweete sake that glorious badge he wore,
And dead as liuing euer him ador'd:
Vpon his shield the like was also scor'd,
For soueraine hope, which in his helpe he had:
Right faithfull true he was in deede and word,
But of his cheere did seeme too solemne sad;
Yet nothing did he dread, but euer was ydrad.

Vpon a great aduenture he was bond,
That greatest Gloriana to him gaue,
That greatest Glorious Queene of Faerie lond,
To winne him worship, and her grace to haue,
Which of all earthly things he most did craue;
And euer as he rode, his hart did earne
To proue his puissance in battell braue
Vpon his foe, and his new force to learne;
Vpon his foe, a Dragon horrible and stearne.

A louely Ladie rode him faire beside,
Vpon a lowly Asse more white then snow,
Yet she much whiter, but the same did hide
Vnder a vele, that wimpled was full low,
And ouer all a blacke stole she did throw,
As one that inly mournd: so was she sad,
And heauie sat vpon her palfrey slow:
Seemed in heart some hidden care she had,
And by her in a line a milke white lambe she lad.

So pure and innocent, as that same lambe,
She was in life and euery vertuous lore,
And by descent from Royall lynage came
Of ancient Kings and Queenes, that had of yore
Their scepters stretcht from East to Westerne shore,
And all the world in their subiection held;
Till that infernall feend with foule vprore
Forwasted all their land, and them expeld:
Whom to auenge, she had this Knight from far copeld.

---The Faerie Queen, Book 1, Canto 1
. : * p s y b o r g * : . This spelling is better. It's how I always spell that word. Faeries ruled in the first place, but spelled this way, they seem even more delicious and mystical. Heh. 011026
distorted tendencies Fae. What I'm going to be on Halloween. I love to shimmer, sparkle, and shine.

(And be mischevious)
Kate "Fairy" bothers me tremendously. I am amazed at the number of people who spell it like such an not "faerie". I'm always sad to see "color" too, instead of the appropriate "colour". Anyone with me to revoke false spellings? 020502
blown cherry Actually, I like
f a e r y
mainly because I have a friend named Freya who uses it a lot.

I don't mind faerie though, and yes it is highly prefferable over fairy, which conjures up images in my mind of middle aged ladies at childrens parties waving sticks covered in glitter all over the place.
We don't have the word 'color' here. Yech.
sabbie these arnt the little cute girls in delicate pink

these are the wild girls
with feral hair
and chaotic attitudes
and grinning.

you can keep your fairyflossfaries
id rather these girls any day
crimson anonymous flashes
fever in glitter eyes
long unkempt hair with flowers
dispersed, beautiful in an
accidental, flowing way
female faces and forms
flutter dances of those
wild with lonely and mischief
shimmer tattered wings
fragile and fiery
faerie lord for cent'ries i did collect pixie dust,
yet now for those who seek it out i must
provide some of my most precious powder,
for t'was forbade that i become a hoarder.
dust of such power for no one being,
earthly or divine, is for the keeping,
losing as it does its great enchantment
if not let free, if in forced entrapment.
loth was i to share my sacred treasure,
yet further so to deny its pleasure
to those most worthy souls who seek for it;
therefore, come, come! and why not take a bit?
Xshattered_rose The essence of a free spirit
flying just beyond our reach
through vivid star filled dreams
on delicate gossamer wings
kookaburra bottled...and sent to the shop 040815
witchesrequiem Keep eating them Chad!
For they are rare..and you....
well they don't call stoopid b/c your a genius...
pipedream the only way the wrod should be spelt....i think the first time i encountered this spelling was reading a book of fairy tales we used to have....it was ancient, falling apart and had some wonderful illustrations, and whenever i see this spellling of the word i see that illustration in my head...it was a little eerie 'cause the faeries were proper grow up women and the fiary tale wasn't a cutesy deer-in-the-woods type of one either, so the pictures weren't either. 040815
captain_subtext ..is also the realm they are living in 050309
freakshow the "ae" adds a mystic touch to the word... reminds one of Ireland 050704
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