lovers lament . . .me.
make me yours,
as close as we can be

to solving the puzzle of eternity
what's worse?
love me in your bed,
on the floor
my mind makes up these scenarios
ways to seduce you
draw you into me
lose your mind
in my body
by the looks of things
it's working

copyright 1999
misstree draw you into my mouth
like food longing to be swallowed

i lick my lips
and smile
silentbob You were drunk and horny
you were trying to seduce me
but i guess i just didn't get it
and finally when it worked
neither of us wanted me to leave
but it had to be that way
and it hasn't been the same since
DedAce And then what did it get you
Just like a little dream thrown in a lake of dismissal, to ripple back to the shore as question after question. After the fall of passion all that is left is the rise of that inadequate song that plays louder than the momory.
: ) guess he took my clothes off slowly, and had me kneal down on the floor, he took two bandages and tied my wrist to the cabinet, he then blind folded me. He told me not to be scared. He then took a feather and ran it all over my body, and told me not to squirm. I tried to stay still, but I couldn't. Everytime i moved, even slightly, he would smack me and tell me to be a good girl. After the feather, he took a piece of ice, and once again, moved it all over my body, and once again said, don't move. I didn't this time, even when he inserted the ice inside of me to stay. He then started licking my thighs as the ice started to melt and drip. I couldn't help but move then, and he started spanking me with a paddle, the harder he spanked, the more turned on I got. He then took my lets out from under me, and tied them to the bar stools. My heart was pounding, and at that time, I coulnd't move at all. He took a candle and lit it, and dropped hot wax on my breast, and on the inside of my thighs, I moaned and begged him to take me, he wouldn't. I started screaming, take me now, He woulnd't. I know I laid there for hours. I begged him for more ice, anything, i just had to feel something there, he just laughed. Finally when I couldn't let myself keep all that energy in anymore, i released it. I heard him sigh, and it was then he removed the blindfold, and I seen that he had videotaped the entire affair. 001203
R seduse me
make me believe that nothing else exists
that nothing is real
that nothing is fake
that everything is there
inside of you
that nothing is there
seduse me
under the sun
under the moon
in between death
in between life
seduse me
Lilac seduce me PLEASE!

I want you.
lost I am seduced
By the thuoght of a tall dark man
putting his hand on me
I am seduced
By a side glance and a crooked smile
I am seduced
I lose my sence, I am not practical
or in control

whos to say or whos to know
why we're entranced in this show
I can not turn or look away
I'm stuck like soft putty or clay
why do you put in so much time
to be the one to just be mine
but yet not quite out of your way
to make me laugh or my heart sway
re_alisma I AM DEFINITELY REALLY STUCK (help!, sorta) still, i can find ways to be, well, a jerk. because i'm really quite hurt by all the rejection, or something. or, maybe i'm just feeling too-guilty again.... but "bitch" just doesn't do it for me, sorry. because i've met too many who are LIKE ME, but who are males and utterly heterosexual.

(and don't bother with the jerk-off, or jerker-offer definitions of the word, although i might occassionally search for redemption on that level, too.)

(definitely, though, you will get confused because i'm not going to let anybody get away with being a rejecter! because that just hurts too much, in the long run!)

so, whatever, be seduced or don't be. i don't care.
what's it to you?
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