deb the lines seem so small
when you look
amy Bronze by a weary gold, anear, afar, they listened.
Her ear too is a shell, the peeping lobe there. Been to the seaside. Lovely seaside girls. Skin tanned raw. Should have put on coldcream first make it brown. Buttered toast. O and that lotion musn't forget. Fever near her mouth. Your head it simply. Hair braided over: shell with seaweed. Why do they hide their ears with seaweed hair? And Turks the mouth, why? Her eyes over the sheet. Yashmak. Find the way in. A cave. No admittance except on business.
The sea they think they hear. Singing. A roar. The blood it is. Souse in the ear sometimes. Well, it's the sea.
-random joyce
lotusflower reading, writing and arithmetic.
by far, the best Sundays album.
Yogijinn Not many used this word, so maybe I can sneak in this sad confession. My life has been a vicariously experience through books. I should probably say avoided through books. But I love to read them and feel through them. I know life is right out there and every book I read goads and shames me to live. To be alive in pain or joy, I confess I am frighten of joy. I guess I am a bit of a non-entity, feeding my angst and despair with Dostoevsky and Ssrtre. The stuff is stripping me of my innocence, yet I am possessed youthful ideals and emotionally still a child. 010221
chanaka if i didn't read i would die. books call to me with ever-faithful sweet voices. they never judge, but lay out clarity and wisdom in the space between words. endless entertainment spurs me to greater heights. fall into a book? yes, please. 010221
josie "Reading furnishes the mind not only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours."
- John Locke
Mahayana blather tea leaves 020711
blue star I've just recently gone back to my babies, my passion, and my brain. 020711
logan I love to read, I loose myself in good books... it lets you forget everyday bullshit, and be in your own world... maybe not forever, but once you wrap your brain around a good book your imagination takes over... and there is nothing but the book, for in that short beautifull space in time I am free.... 020711
god the last time the newspaper called to try to get me to subscribe, i told em i couldn't read. 020713
girl_jane my eyes hurt 020912
Sintina ThunderCats comic books. It is imparitive that extensive knowledge of the creation of "Mumm-Ra, the ever-living," be encased into my mental facilities in order to be called upon during late night, drunken:
"I'm dorkier then you are,"
"No way, I'm the queen of the dorks,"
Japanese Proverb If you believe everything you read, best not to read. 071208
Anja Mielonen I LOVE READING.

people who do not read alot are missing things.
what's it to you?
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