burden Planes zoom by on the deck, and light! You look like a movie. Parted on the side, teeth in the storefront. It makes cutlery a tempting alternative. 8:51. Soon, 8:52, and nothing different. That guy that I always called Butch died last night. 010520
god anti-drug air show over my hang-over apartment. like that radio blaring "and i ran, i ran so far away". it's a wonder and a disappointment. fast forward six? years. has it been that long? christ. black felvet elvis paintings were for real. outhouses were for real. massage parlors and dead birds. mad magazine and gasoline. 011212
again and again and again (birdmad) the girl was never there
it's always the same
monadh wind sings through you
in the night
falling snow gathers on your boughs of fir and cedar
the sweet sounds of little birds and ravens
and the hum of bees
rushing through your canopy in the sunrise
trickling streams giggle with delight
snails slither o'er mossy stones
moonlight perches on the tips of your high towers
when a small child
first discovers your hidden treasures
beauty is given an ancient voice
love, another name
Grievance I'm in brilliant dullness
like the shivering moon over a dull mountain lake
shimmering with waves of change, placidly fake
perihelion to my faults, burning my fate
charged with tears contaminated with my withholdings
enigmatic of my highness, forever were, or smolderings
seven days detremental constant pairing oppiseteley rampaging
oracle to my heart change me to infinity
foresty forging forage for far-ranging survival intuition, ;::{Enter me}::
The timeless, -name me-, maim me
control the shadows whispering deny the wild pleasrue
arc the disconnections with will alone, expose crested moon
talk sensure and smileing diseases, though they are more than dis-ease
excrutiating membrance blocks the components but herald dreams soothe
falling events collapse the belief structure:= building tools scarred and misused.
symbols call the pieces whole, and lacking takes its toll
prison and fooly, earn parison confusion, hope is tommorow
and fear is future, unknown.
sinner disgrace, nothing held in countenance.
shhiva the ideia of entering a cold dark forest in a stormy windy night attracts me a lot. I guess I could find everything there.
well...this world is just a cold dark forest, we can find anything here, we can get lost too...
Be Carefull...
phil burden 020729
tulip bruises i lie here between the stars of my grave,
the trees surrounding me,
brining forth the roaring shout of wind,
from the branches it shakes like fissions.
freedom sunlight filters through the trees and onto the moss warming homes of millions
streams flow through and feed
srealismas metaversuch Groundhog's Dream
do trees have nightmares about computers?
were cars too easy to understand?
do winter birds have no specific homeland?
can trees see trees?
is it the fungal realm that doubts existence?
how do bugs sleep?
do deer trace back their tracks?
did our friendly possum die of fright?
do baby bunnies mostly survive or die?
will bees obey?
do frogs keep a calendar of light?
do trees promise to suck dry the mud?
does death ever portend?
are temperatures recorded?
will the wooly mammoth roam around again?
was that a wolf or a coyote, and does anyone in the forest whisper the difference?
do trees know that oak is the strongest and also keeps us warmest?
are birch glad?
do trees think while trying not to mind?
when will spring begin?
birdmad Running towards nothing
Again and again and again
.flowerock forestherapy







what is out of place, why?
what's it to you?
who go