Norm I think I might have diabetes, I'm going to the doctor this week. I often drink 13 glasses of water a day, and thats just water, I drink alot of other stuff too. I don't want to have diabetes its just alot of trouble that I don't need. 011120
paste! i thought the same thing not too long ago, about 6 months ago. diabetes runs in the family, i drink water continously, suddenly started craving candy and sweet stuff. doctor said "nope, you're blood is fine. but you're dehydrated, you live in a desert." dunno what to think anymore. i guess i'm a hypochondriac, but genetics still has me thinking otherwise.

good luck to you.
psychobabe join the club guys. Diabetes suxz. I've had it since i was 10 and now i'm 15 and in a month 16. 6 years practically. Yes norm, i drank that much when i was younger, only water, everything else seemed nasty, went to the bathroom alot, slept all the time and had no energy at all! Finally the day we tested me we used a ketone tester. Which tells you how many ketones you hvae in your body and that indicates usually if you have it or not. Well, the day i went to the hospitol i tested and my bloodsugar was 499. My mom and dad were crying, i was just dumbfound cuz i didnt know anything. I was checked in, spent the night crying cuz they forced me to eat and i didnt want to. I had lost 25 pounds, and i was 110 to start out at. Then i lost the 25 and was around 85 pounds. The doctors every morning weighed me, tested me, made me eat, and i hated it all. I would have tons of visitors tho. I got lots of balloons, flowers, cards, and just stuff that was so neat. Cuz when your ten everything is kool. I remember tho, sitting there in my room, and when the people would leave walk up to the window. I'd see me mom walking my relatives out to their cars and i'd feel so lonely. Like i was the only one there just left by myself. No one understood and after about a week or 2 i finally was let out. Life at home wasnt the same anymore. And now its just gone up and down for my health. i'm the healthiest out of my 2 sisters *one 9 and one 18* but still it gets depressing sometimes. I've made it this far and i intend to make it even farther. Any questoins, get ahold of me norm 011121
Norm Is having diabetes really that bad? what type of diabetes do you have? do you take medicine or insulin shots, or neither? would it really make any difference if I didn't go to the doctor? Because I'm in pretty good shape and drinking and going to the bathroom alot isn't so bad. 011121
SuicidalAngel Hey I've thought I've had it too. Every now and then, if I haven't eaten for a while, I get all perspirery and shakey, and if someone gives me gum or something, I seem to be fine. I also drink only water and a lot of it. I dont know if it's a mental thing or not. I hate needles though, so I dont want to get tested! 011122
psychobabe diabetes isnt that bad. You could so be off worse than that. If you think you have symptoms you might wanna still get a check up just in case, its better safe and sorry. I take insulin, i prick my finger 4 times a day, and take 3 shots a day. One before breakfast, one at lunch and one at dinner. The only thing that really suxz about it is that when you feel sick alot, its usually cuz your sugar is high and you get slow, sleepy, and drink ALOT. when its low you get shakey, tired, cant understand writeing or people, get dizzy etc. I take pills with my insulin but thats just cuz the doctors in rochester are trying a new thing on me 011122
wilford brimley*s evil twin diabeetus 080620
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