andrea feeling an odd sort of abandonment
of care and demanding what i want
while remaining surprisingly apathetic
to the actions others enforce on me
this freefaliing tendency has never
been a favorite of mine
i've always demanded control and
refused to lessen my grip on my life
and not knowing the cause of this change
really more of a recognition of self
is what frightens me the most
silvre everyone wants something from me. every person in and every aspect of my life demands something. sometimes i think i'll crumble. but then i should take care of myself before others, right? 000709
birdmad unlike those before me,
i didn't make any.

i was perfectly willing to accept whatever landed on my shoulders without fighting it.

i was content to roll with the punches
(and there were many)

well fuck all that now.

i want.
sabbie but i'm too busy
living my life
to wash the dishes
or vaccum the floor
to sweep
and mop
or polish.

samantha might well have been the perfect housewife,
but i never had a hope in hell of wiggling my nose
in such a charming fashion
kipper samantha was the perfect housewife could out-pour, but I had never a hope in the hell of wiggling my nose on such a bezaubernde way 040414
uglytruth the man's. 060411
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