roxy the girl who blathers things lifted from sassy magazine's poetry pages. 000209
jennifer my main confedant
and source of all my ventings
as of late
she listens
and sometimes we are
on the same path
JessieLee MY BESTEST BEST FRIEND... for 6 years... and forever... WILL YOU BE THE GODMOTHER OF MY CHILDREN?! 010122
*Colleen* eek... 010623
JessieLee eew I was kidding, Colleen! 010626
Bizzar She hurts with the pain that is all too familiar to me. She has my sympathy, but I know it doesnt help. She doesnt know shell be ok. I do because I know she is stronger than that. I admire her strength. 020530
Bizzar I become increasingly close to this woman everytime we speak, and with all this she more and more becomes my only sanity. She is my eyes when mine are thick with anger, and she sees straight for me when I cant. She is a wonder, and Im glad that out of all the bad circumstances one good thing came from all her pain - our friendship.

Girl, I love you more than youll ever know. Keep your chin up, things will get better. Ill be here till the end!
yoyology Gaelic word meaning "pretty little girl".
Also a very smart, very cute classmate in my AP Bio class in HS.
I wonder where she is? She got a 5 on the test, like me.
*Colleen* arghh! :) 030422
Aimee *sighs* I still get a little upset when I see this name. I have no right to be, but it still happens. She was dating this guy I liked... he cheated on her with me and I prayed he'd dump her... That's when I learned, the other woman, rarely, if ever wins 030422
ever dumbening "Throbbing Red Knob"

there on baker beach
burning Larry
while my little green firefly children
on this rare day by the bay

then to ocean beach where they sang
happy birthday to me

and i told them
they were singing to the wrong person
(and whatever, because it's new years eve for me anyway)

I fell in to a burning ring of fire
I went down down down and the flames went higher

and so it goes
in a silent way i worry about you every day. and the longer each period of silence grows, the more afraid i am that this one won't be broken. 130209
in a silent way how to have a fun adventure with her, in ten easy steps:

1. befriend her

2. exchange a lot of long emails and share a lot of personal things you don't normally tell anyone

3. decide you will be mutual ports in the storm, offer unconditional support, and serve as each other's human flashlights in the dark times

4. have her convince you she's going to kill herself someday and there's nothing you can do to stop the self-directed slow terminal slide

5. try anyway to be the best friend you can, share things you've created and your feelings and thoughts and fears, and try to show her she has value to you and others

6. have her stop talking to you one day with no explanation

7. never hear from her again

8. assume she's dead

9. get an email a year later from her fiancÚ after he finds her old emails to you under murky circumstances, and realize that (a) he was there all along and she never bothered to tell you about him; (b) he never knew about you and feels betrayed after reading a vague reference to himself in a year-old email in which she makes him sound like he's just some guy who doesn't mean a whole lot to her; (c) she's alive and well, and just didn't care enough to let you know

10. do a happy dance on the rainbow escalator of joy, because friendship is made of magic and sweet sugary heart treats
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