unhinged WHAT YOU ARE
and when you wanted me
i came to you
and when you wanted someone else
i withdrew
and when you asked for light
i set myself on fire
and if i go far away i know
you'll find another slave

cause now i'm free from what you want
now i'm free from what you need
now i'm free from what you are

and when you wanted blood
i cut my veins
and when you wanted love
i bled myself again
now that i've had my fill of you
i'll give you up forever
and here i go far away
i know you'll find another slave

cause now i'm free from what you want
now i'm free from what you need
now i'm free from what you are

then a vision came to me
when you came along
i gave you everything
but then you wanted more
---chris cornell

unhinged keeps fucking haunting me

playing at lollapolooza (sp) this summer along with incubus, queens of the stone age....motherfucker
jane chris cornell has always amazed me with his vocal power (for example, fell on black days), so i was really happy when i found out he was getting with the rest of rage
the drummer looks really bored
you can imagine why
tail end of an amusing review i found's so frustrating because Cornell would be better suited to virtually anything else. The man would sound more at home dueting with Shania. Listen to that! I'm in awe of his lungs. He belts these songs like they never went out of style, like he's still got that curly Louder Than Love-era mane thrown back and glistening, like he wants to shake the studio to its very foundation with the power of all his gristled fury-- when all of a sudden, the effects kick in and morph his voice into a fucking sitar! It just might be the most ridiculous and ill-timed production trick of his career. And all I can picture is Cornell high-fiving Rick Rubin and hitting the beach to play volleyball with Creed.

Duck, because America's gonna vomit.
unhinged yeah, maybe the producing effects on his voice are a little cheesy, but in the past year and a half i have grown used to over-production. and it really doesn't change the fact that he has a good voice and the music is far from what creed has been writing these days. 030612
SuicidalAngel I think Audioslave is the opposite of Creed. Ick how could they even be compaired to eachother? Because they have some reference to God? It's a completely different theory. I love song number 7! YaY 030902
unhinged fuck me


i can't listen to audioslave anymore without thinking of him. and i don't think of him when i hear like_a_stone anymore. what_you_are or i_am_the_highway maybe but not like_a_stone. fuck him man. fuck him. and someone keeps calling me with a blocked id and i keep wondering if it's him. and audioslave comes on the radio everytime i turn it on and it makes me think of him. god. GOD.

and i have to write an eight page paper on brahms' first violin sonata.

fuck me

Death of a Rose is a constant played on this comp 031122
Little Lost Riding Hood Listen incessantly to 'Like a Stone' and still makes my heart it. 031123
a girl with nothing to say there ok 031123
AudioSlave There, okay?
No. No not okay. What does it fucking mean? I don't have caller id but i get alot of telemarketers and collectors so i fake i'm someone else.
I don't know what's going on. Fine, of course he'd find another s l a v e that is only natural, but it's not really very much fun being left out. That's like, "I guess I'm an asshole."
The idea of s l a v e doesn't really imply actual work with no pay, more or less torture. The slave wants to be treated well everyone should know.

I'm tired of not reaching who i need to when i need, why should i have to wait endlessly? There's other trout in the bay.

Chris is cute, no doubt, but maybe too cute. Maybe he should be with Shania. I'm not that cute and I won't be in this lifetime.

I don't know what you fucking want.
Death of a Rose tomorrow night!!! 050930
unhinged i think the new album was disappointing 050930
birdmad too true 050930
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