*_the missing link_* first, that bitch slashed me with her eyes....and now you've decided to rip me up with your thoughts.
well *fuck*..
how fucking *dare* you?!?!?!?!
who the fuck do you think you are?
you're obviously fucking hurt as hell if you're writing me a fucking email about how sad you are that i've apparently rejected you as a person.
well ya know what? fuck that!
oh, and by the fucking way, you've *no* bloody idea what i've really been up to these past few're only able to scratch the fucking surface with the little information that i've given you. god, i can't fucking believe this. the bloody *nerve of you*! sure, so there was a time where i treated you with a bit of disregard, but i *wasn't* ill-intentioned, as you certainly are with regard to this.
so go fuck yourself, asshole.
god fucking damn. i can't believe this. and i fucking won't dignify your shit with a response. i won't do it. fuck you for telling me that i'm isolating myself. yeah, so the fuck what? why the fuck do you care? oh yeah, i fucking forgot. you're some kind of divine peacemaker, lover of humankind. well, that's nice and all, but i don't really give a fuck about your stupid fucking efforts to prove yourself a wonderful human fucking being and save humanity. spend your time on something that actually has some bloody hope.

also, do me a fucking favor and stop being so bloody obvious about wanting me back in your life. i mean, fuck, who the hell spends time and energy on writing such a long winded email to someone they don't care about? your emotions expressed in that email screamed the shit i know you try to hide louder than a shrieking roar. and ha! i'd like to mention that you seemed extraordinarily offended and accusational about my not having responded to *one* email of yours. stop making bloody assumptions about me and my life and my feelings and my occasional lack of responses. you know *so* little, it almost makes me sad.

and oh yeah, one last thing, you fucker: why don't you think about why you'd want to be friends with someone who disgusts you to such a godforsaken bloody extreme.
*_the missing link_* well *shit*. i meant 'accusatory'
but for fuck's sake, why isn't 'accusational' a word?!
unhinged oh how i wish so many were an_email_unsent

i always seem to have so much false bravura over this damn thing. technology always gets me in the ass.
chock chock chili dear you:
step on me,
i'm not fragile
oh wait,
that's a motherfucking lie

i shall hide in a hole now.
patch i probably a good thing 020121
sent2manydontcares dang, get ugly why dontcha
any good gonna cum o this?
gwyllynne just sent a handful that probably should've been an_email_unsent


"and a part of me still reaches for your face"
ClairE It was so angry I sent it to myself. There it sits, seething and almost red, and untouchable. It's bricked in. 020122
june yeah, so i seen it and i got it and i noticed it

someone is RIGHT i probably wouldn't want to be so and so's friend anyway

in my ignorance, why won't you please take the time and fill me in on all that i do not know?

I'm e-mail box is waiting

What is the missing link?
I think there are only 2 people I've lost count of emails

Maybe they both have dated someone with possible initials CL.
Ring a bell?

Remember that song... you can ring my bellllll el el el ring my bell

fucking disco music man

i'm not hurt anymore the drugs make everything seem so fucking harmless (i shouldn't write F U C K so much)

i think some people have been ignoring the 'f' word but i like it in the privacy of my own home--it never did offend me
it's just a damn lousy word to describe something else
ooooo eeeeee you know that is so bleeping bleeping bleep

that is too long
i shouldn't of wrote it
too late now
we're off...........
june it sounds like Scott

hi Sam V.
what's it to you?
who go