klairchen Standing in that lonesome crowd,
I thought I found a friend.

But what you whispered in my ear,
made us strangers there instead.
power through passion for the private rather than the public
I yearn for people to whisper to me
melvinwang stop whispering, start shouting 010505
skillet you didn't want them to hear,
but you wanted me to.
what's up with that
ClairE Ooh, you tickle my ear
you tickle!

Ooh. I like that.
kerry ...in the dark, best friends, her voice hushed by the rustle of sheets... 020101
Aaron desolate sound of a voices once loved... a whisper... in my ear.. staying with me.. yet numb is how i feel... three words.. echoing over in my mind.. i was still.. and i don't know what i felt.. it moved to me like a ghost.. and she's not here anymore.. but i heard it.. a whisper... i love you.. i'm here.. alone.. sitting in shock.. hearing a voice long gone.. of a lover i don't know anymore.. as i though about another... new love.. someone to hold me as i held her.. then.. thats when i heard.... 020101
Mahayana: Zakah: [i miss the way the 1 before]
"i love sassssss'a'frasssss"

"say it again" shed ask me "say silly froo froo nana"
say it again ...
ilovepatsajak gives me goosebumps 020102
distorted tendencies Just listening to your voice in all its pleasure, telling me.. "you feel so good.." 020319
Tiffa Whispers over water, secrets for you to hear. You're the one who grows distant, when I beckon you near.

I love it when a man, or anyone whispers in my ear. Telling me anything, and it's erotic. But mostly when they stand behind me and breath down on my shoulder. Ahhh, I love it. It's intimate and personal, and meant just for me.
freakizh And the mother say we spit on your son some more

And the buildings say we spit on your face some more

And the feeling is that there's something wrong

Because I can't find the words and I can't find the songs

Stop whispering, Start shouting!
callie Voices gone dark to others ears Saying unknown will it bring tears Voices whispering in my ear Generating full-blown fear 020921
callie Voices gone dark to others ears Saying unknown will it bring tears Voices whispering in my ear Generating full-blown fear 020921
devalis A scream that no one hears. 020921
ethereal winds of heaven afar.
deafening hallows of what was before.
secrets from today, tomorrow and always.
whispering winds find me now.
Splinty she whispered I was beautiful, that she loved me. her eyes were so blue in the dark, shining, alive though half asleep, her skin was so pale, so perfect as she whispered roses into my open heart... 040901
emmi we can look at each other and breathe at the same time 040901
sahba a voice whispers inside my head it says when time comes you will see through them all but till then all you can do is hear them say "its not time yet"

so i listen to the voice in the back of my head and work hard through life knowing that i must go through this if i ever want to be free of it all and yes it is worth it you just have to have enough will power
suicidalchinadoll when I whisper, you may need to lean forward..
but things become clearer with that tone of voice..
it no longer has to be simply me
8 "...hey.... goddammit..." 041024
what's it to you?
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