jane please tell me 021105
cheech and chong dave's not here 021105
gay gizmo providence, and hes a really sweet guy too. you should try him out. I'll lend him to ya 021106
nate it's not a bird,
it's not a plane.
it must be dave,
who's on the train.

come and come and get ya,
come and come and get ya.
tell him that I told ya.

sweetheart of the song tra bong these are the daves I know I know, these are the daves I know

some of them are david
but most of them are dave

they all have hands
but they come from different moms
DannyH Never lean on a Dave, unless you're wearing kneepads. 021107
observer especially a dave christ 021107
eddie monster hi, my name's dave and i'm a alcoholic.
hi, my name's dave and i'm a sexaholic.
hi' my name's dave and i'm addicted to narcotics.
hi, my name's dave and i'm dyeing from a sexually transmitted desease because of my sexual addiction.
i became obsessed with sex when i was thirteen. i was just washing my penis and all of this stuff came out. i wasn't scared though, y'know. some people say it freaked em out at first, but it felt so damn good, so i just knew it couldn't hurt a thing. i spent so much time with my penis after that.
then i found out it was even better when someone else made me feel that good. sorry about your mom barry.
so anyway, man i would sleep with anybody, anytime. really i had to be sleeping with people just to have a good time. and i couldn't sleep sleep, because there were always strangers in my bed that i didn't trust or know.
so when ever my eyes were to heavy to stay open any longer i would stumble out of whatever bed and throw on some heavy clothes and walk to the closest bus stop. sometimes i'd fall asleep while i was waiting. i'd get on the bus and stumble to the back and fall asleep to the purr of her diesel engine.who knows where those busses went or how many times they went there. but i was there; the whole time.
usually when i'd wake up my hand would be down in my pants wrapped around my dick; hard of coarse. some lady'd be sitting there smiling or scowling, a kid, oblivious, a gangmember shaking his head. or sometimes i'd wake up and my pants would be all undone and my dick would be all wet and sticky like someone had had it in there mouth or something.
my life was just spinning out of control.
my name is dave and i'm a sexaholic dying from a sexually transmitted disease.
merbein My name is actually David but a lot of people call me Dave although I find that annoying some times. Most people called David I think would prefer to be called David. Which after all is what is written on their birth certificate. Mind you mostly it is because I don't like the person and mostly I don't mind when someone I like calls me Dave. I know that might be shallow but there you have it.

Anyway if you do want to call me Dave and would like to e-mail, send me a message on david.harding@immi.gov.au
reitoei this modern lack of daves is reprehensible and will undoubtedly lead to total economic collapse!!
back in my day, we always had a dave
david lee roth life goes on without me
(just a gigolo)
bethany i'm not too sure i'd need him around right now
he'd laugh and tell me he was right
that i was up to my old self again
except he has the gold metal of overcoming me
he had the sass on a leash
he was skilled
but i was so mean to him
do i never learn
eddie monster natural selection 021118
tacos con sproulch probably not van_halening 021118
jane dave was a side dish
make way for the main dish
the main dish is empty
jane oh my god, that was a haiku and i didn't even mean it 021118
Dave uh... someone rang? 030103
haiku inequality five plus six plus six
may equal five, seven, five
but it's not haiku
IWishICouldGoWithDavid I have a few spares... I'm willing to share. 030104
*nat* Dave is next door but one to me.
He lives up to the reputation of a common dave
niska bend over, and i'll show you 030415
sabbie dave
dave... you're my wife now

[everyone wants to be papa lazarou]
jane he's in southern california 080306
what's it to you?
who go