megan not your title
not your job
not your family
not your friends

what defines you? what makes you you?

when someone says "who are you"

how do you even begin to answer

my definition of myself changes with every turn i take in my life

it's constantly evolving

that is the definition

know me
Vulgar You're not job.
You're not how much money you have in the bank.
You're not the car you drive.
You're not the contents of your wallet.
You're not your fucking khakis.
z with great reluctance. 060307
nom how_do_you_defy_yourself 060308
You asked and I answered! First, I look "yourself" up in a dictionary. Then, I flip to a random page, and let my finger fall upon a random word. At this point I either fart or belch. Then I use the randomly selected definition as my interpretation of "yourself"s meaning. 060308
nom how_do_you_defend_yourself 060308
u24 how does red taste?
what does being dead feel like?
what does thought sound like?

as sensible questions.
star leaves like_a_star_that_can't_wait_for_the_night 060309
oren I simply refuse. 060309
Sculptornado I define myself with every action I take, with every thought I think. 060309
Sakhalin is Magnifique Sakhalin is pretty. 060309
Anna Livia Plurabelle I am, naturally, the epitome_of_incomprehensibility 060310
pete ethnically canadian 060310
pete or, if that isn't good enough (or you are silly enough to believe that canada has no cultural/ethnic existence) then i am a historian waiting for the day to dawn 060310
minnesota_chris I say I'm American by birth but a Canadian by religion. 060310
The Hermit You are the imagination of yourself. 060311
Today I am
A small blue thing
Like a marble
Or an eye

With my knees against my mouth
I am perfectly round
I am watching you

I am cold against your skin
You are perfectly reflected
I am lost inside your pocket
I am lost against
Your fingers

I am falling down the stairs
I am skipping on the sidewalk
I am thrown against the sky

I am raining down in pieces
I am scattering like light
Scattering like light
Scattering like light

Today I am
A small blue thing
Made of china
Made of glass

I am cool and smooth and curious
I never blink
I am turning in your hand
Turning in your hand
Small blue thing

(suzanne vega)
auburn ^ I like that.

Every adult I know has been telling me for weeks than people in their twenties haven't figured out who they are yet.

So when does that realization come? Cause I don't think either of my parents have much of a clue.
Lemon_Soda What I do and how I feel. Thats how. 080201
past i define myself. i see myself as legless, groundless, baseless. by i see myself, which means that there is an "i" to be defined, both as the object and subject of the verb "to see". flipping around like an amorphous ball of goo unstably suspended in an electromagnetic field, i still find a solid definition, even as i try on new names.

the process, the how, of the definition won't be static because of my age, it won't be shifting because of any label i decide to attach. the moment exists, slips away, and enters the past and without the "i" of the moment departs, but the "i" of this moment survives, to pass again.

how do i define myself? simply.
hsg a pebblentering a ponduring during a sunstorm. 080202
unhinged sad_lonely_pathetic

and as much as i try to combat it
a victim of my own body
and heritage

it's always right underneath

'yeah right nicole. you can dress like a hippie all you want. you're too angry to be a hippy. you'll always be a punk.' after he drove me across the state, dropped me off at home, asked me for some lip balm and scooted on his way back to where he was living_in_a_karmic_hell
z still: reluctantly 080409
- - 090511
twenty-two I try not to. 090511
what's it to you?
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