werewolf ciomar a tha thu?

Tha mi gle mhath!

will anyone speak this with me? I need to learn it. Please, it will ease some of the guilt that i have because i have, not purposefully, been letting all of the music and traditions of erin that my family have thus far upheld continue aging and dying with my great aunts and uncles, without making any attempts to save them. Please
Kate I think it would be very character-building if I were to learn it. Maybe I can translate some Enya songs 020502
blue star my god, I've ALWAYS wanted to learn gaelic! if you teach me, I'll speak it with you! Please? PLEASE??!!! 020502
werewolf alright first lesson....tha means am/is/ let's take a basic noun like cu...which means dog...and we'll throw in a word like agus for and....a name...and then maybe the word sentence is....tha blue star agus cu air an rathad. That star and the dog are on the road. Okay...another good phrase...ciomar a tha thu? which is how are you...and the answer is....tha mi gle mhath....i am very good....are you gonna tune in for lesson two? 020502
bethany tha mi! 020502
blue star i'm all ears, mo chroi. 020502
werewolf tha latha briagh ann an diugh...let's learn! i think you guys seem to know a little already...if anyone knows more than me out 020502
werewolf a-nis me a tha i sgith 020502
werewolf those is a fine day...and i'm tired now i'll come up with more tomorrow...and that was cute bethany 020502
bethany tapadh leibh 020503
blue star teacher's pet. 020503
werewolf Mi ag obair anns aphairc an diugh agus tha e trang...translate it! no...let's today today...i'll do some easy vocab.....

a'seo means here
a'sin means there
an diugh means today
a-nis means now.
c'aite means where.
bheil is another way of saying am/is/are...the different ways of saying am/is/are are a bit confusing and i'm still figuring them out myself.

C'aite bheil bethany?
c'aite bheil blue star?
werewolf oh...i wish i had someone to speak to in it...but my relatives live so far hurry up and learn...and it will do mo chroi mhath 020504
blue star blue star bheil a'seo.

how do you learn all this crap? I really want lessons... (no offense... I meant verbal lessons)

I want to know how to say, "I want your bod" in gaelic...
blue star tha blue star bheil a'seo?

is that more right? I'm trying to learn, see?
bethany tha bethany bheil a'seo

and that was copying
but i'd need the words
or at
for a more through answer
werewolf no offense taken...or is cuma liom...(i don't mind)....i want to take more comprehensive verbal lessons too because i need work on my accent....i learned from my relatives but they're far away and i don't call them enough to be so good at it. And your answer was maith go leor (good enough/ok). Phrases of the day are Go raibh maith agat (thank you) and Ta failte romhat (you're welcome). Next we'll learn how to introduce ourselves and ways to ask someone how they are. As for your phrase....i've got a better you go...say this to them....i hope they speak gaelic....folionn gra grain. Anyways....untill you guys learn more...beagan a ra agus e a ra go maith....(say little but say it well) because.... is fearr Gaeilge b hriste na Bearla cliste....(broken irish is better than clever english)....anyways....slan go foill (goodbye for now) 020504
werewolf oh and is at...and in is ann 020504
lycanthrope Ta mo chleamhnas deanta o athru areir
s'ni mo na go dtaithnionn an bhean liom fein
ach fagfaidh me i mo dhiaidh i
'gus imeoidh me liom fein
ar fud na gcoillte craobhach.

My match was made late last night to a girl i neither love nor like
but i'll take my advice and leave her behind
and go running the wild woods all over.

Shiiul mise thoir agus shiuil mise thiar
Shiul mise corcaigh 'gus sraide bh'I'ath Cliath
ach samhail de mo chailin deas ni fhaca mise riamh.
'Si an bhean dubh a dhfhag mo chroi craite.

I walked up and i walked down
i walked Cork and Dublin and Belfast towns,
but no equal to my true love could i find,
she's the wee lass that's left my heart broken.

D'eirigh me ar maidin dha uair roimh an la
'gus fuair me litir o mo mhile ghra
Chuala me an smoillin 's an londubh a ra.
gur ealiagh mo ghra thar saile.

I got up two hours before day
and i got a letter from my true love
I heard the blackbird and the linnet say
that my love had crossed the ocean
daughterofthemoon I love gaelic
i take online lessons but they dont work too well
how do you learn it?
Andrew Heyyyyyyyy moondaughter, you can't take online lessons. I tried taking online lessons at the same time i was taking ... real... lessons and the online ones just confused me. Plus, the pronunciation and accent are just bizarre. Ahhh, i haven't messed with irish since last spring. i miss my class...
just thinking about how i've been taught to say "irish" not "gaelic" because when people say gaelic they mean scottish gaelic, not irish gaelic. "if youre ever in ireland and you say you speak 'gaelic' you'll just get weird looks" .... i miss christiona.
daith hey, "conas a t tu?" means how are you... its t not tha, but anyway u got the sound right so well done! any questions or wanna know how to say anything else "as gaeilge" (in irish) email me?! i live in eire,so im pretty good at the language. im me 050307
claideb As I understand it, the whole political "Irish" vs. "Gaelic" thing is only anns a Bheurla / as Bearla: in English. Gaeilge is the "Irish" form and Gaeidhlig the Scots-Gaelic, but they both come from the Mean-Ghaeilge (middle-Gaelic) Goidelc (my apologies for the lack of fadai ... Chuir me dearmad air an choai fadai a deanamh air mo litreacha. 060204
and the chorus shouts i love it in pasta 060205
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