lycanthrope multitudes of people,
gathering and disbanding
to routines and distractions
tread over and gone,
an old woman tight faced,
a young woman filled
with passion, embracing
the air and memories,
and then in the distance
the tops of trees like plumes
on a bedazzled chivalric
warrior's crown, each
billowing earned story.

I am the motion between them.

There is no such thing as a contradiction, except for mine,
in my mind,
except for when one sees
unity at one level and dischord
at another
i am the motion between them.

There is no contradiction except for when there is overiding
and cancelling out,
except for when one seeks
to draw a rail across the universe,
lying down tracks where there is only space. Constellations
where there are only stars.

The starkness of my pleasure,
the sudden dominoes of pain
down my spine,
these do not contradict.
There is only the curiosity
of nerves building
to dreams, and calling some
forever and some unfufilled
in the same breath.

There is no contradiction
in this breath.
There is inhalation,
there is exhalation,
but there is time,
a dimension
of negotiation.
There are forever,
only two moments.
And i am the motion between them.
Death of a Rose Bravo! 031009
stork daddy who digs these things up? 031009
. i do.
motion between them )( 031009
-- 031009
oldephebe has the lyrical, cadenses and substance of a dillilo ruminative part sermonette one part Times eye opening upon an inescapably inextricably essential incongruity of the human once beautiful and tragic..and it is this eloquent encapsulation that lifts it into the literary..and elevates it into a kind of secular scripture.. 031009
lycanthrope secular or not, what is a poet but a prophet? secular prophet, now there's a good name. 031009
oldephebe umm..yeah 031009
stork daddy yeah, act like i'm the weirdo. and please don't respond to my post with words like sycophant and salubrious and cantankerous 031009
a thimble in time Oldephobe - you are an interesting character - 031010
realistic optimist hehe oldephobe why didnt i think of that? what a delicious twist!
/me snickers all the way to the fridge for some cheese
Death of a Rose I am in agreement with my learned peers. Hear, Hear. I'm going to keep this in my locked toolbox. 031010
phil There are some things one may never be able to understand, but isn't knowing you can't understand... understanding. 031011
phil No, I guess not. 031011
oldephebe hmm i'm vaguely amused at this smattering of idle conjecture..and stork i would if i could at this early hour conjure sentnces with salubrious and blah blah sycophant and what not..but i am besides being a monophobe..clearly..clearly..barely clinging to consciousness..oldephobe..indeed..i didn't even catch it..getting a bit obtuse..the insomnia is slowly winnowing away thes last few obdurate wisps of perspicasity..blech..

give us more, MORE!! of the irascible and insouciant banter..bring it with undiluted who you need to be in this moment and let pretension and politeness fall by the way...
oE ..can't even conjure the correct syntax or spelling at this point..oh bothah..nevah mind..

droll..and disconcertingly effete..gotta butch up the prose a little..
Minerva Are the epitomy of beauty 031011
Dafremen (shudders to think that such would EVER be the case)
Hidden commonalities are the essence of that which is beautiful. The sameness in light and dark, the kinship between pleasure and pain. Perhaps THERE is where one might be led to believe that contradictions are beautiful, when few things could be farther from the truth.
Minerva Ah, I see.
To each his own, huh?
Me_again Indeed! : ) 031011
tao jones dissolvement, enlightenment, these are the same. beauty is distance, space, a distinction. that which we recognize but but are not completely 031011
tao jones unless, you are a sunset, just as brief, just as returning. 031011
tao jones ah what a game, finding the underlying resolution to the contradiction 031011
pipedream oh, i know all about those.
i don't need to be saved, but could you please do it anyway just so i know someone will?
i will always become stubborn and mutinous the minute you try to boss me around, but pushovers are irritating.
i can lift that end of a sofa just fine - but you should open that door for me.
things like that.
*grins cheshirely*
oE chiascuro chimes 040113
u24 a few years ago, that first post would have made me cry, lycanthrope. 040113
lycanthrope i'm sorry i was too late. i'll try to catch up. 040113
u24 no no, I was late, but it probally wouldn't have helped my state much. what i really meant was that your words were nice. 040114
marked . 040125
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