frAnk i wanted to tell you about an exciting thing going on at robin hill. it was always our dream beyond the initial work of starting the farm and orchard here in western pennsylvania to be able to open it up to people who could really benefit from the balance of tranquility and hard work. now that we,(we being: myself,farmfish, lucid, fyn gula and a couple others) have finally finished turning the old parker barn into a living quarters/art studio, we find our dream slowly coming true. it's been fifteen months of craziness. we're still caught up in a lot of government red tape concerning funding assistance but we've wanted to be able to bring people in who have screwed their lives up and try to help them out.

we put them to work, feed them, give them a place to stay, they join in on some kind of art class, whether it's painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery, journaling, performance, puppetry, and most

some stay just a week-end or a week, some longer. we don't really know what's going to happen, but we enjoy the process of watching it come to life.

anyway, we're turning them on to the computer as well, and those who have writing ability, thanks to blather can get their stuff out for the world to read...

so that's what "blueberries for you" is. stuff that our guests and new friends are writing. they wouldn't normally have access to a computer. i called it that because, marie, our first visitor said blather looked like this beautiful blueberry she wanted to devour, plus robin hill has a slope where wild bluberries grow and we've been up there recently just picking and dreaming and planning for the days ahead.
fairydust you sound very dedicated. good luck 010721
frAnk thanks. 010721
florescent light I have a problem with this.
It sounds like an incredable idea
but I am a devils advocate
and I do not beleive the "guests" who are writing under the name of blueberries_for_you are guests at all, they are you.
interested Is it true? Is it you?
Or is it them?
frAnk it used to be them, now it's me. we never received our funds like we hoped, so we turned it into a bed and breakfast for profit and we're booked solid. 020121
sabbie i thought it beautiful 020122
frAnk it still is. just a smaller scale. we bring people in as we can, a little less with kate's pregnancy, friends mostly or the children of friends because we homeschool. a lot of our classes have guests who come in and participate. unless the weather is bad, like recently. our drive becomes a sheet of ice because it's all creekbed stone underneath. we've had people park at the top and when they come to get their autos, they're down at the bottom, no e-brake can hold against the ice. crazy.

we go on, as we can. even if it's the seven of us. always something going on. we did midsummer's night dream last summer in the locust grove. hilary and greta made a film this fall, shot some of it at the sea in maryland. it was amazing. they are shooting one now similar to farenheit451, but it's about the loss of music, instead of books. a play is in the works for summer 2oo2, and cirque petite, well, that's always revolving and evolving.'s two footprints in the snow, one coming, one going. it's prints from chanticler the rooster enlarged from melting. it's a twelve inch snowman set up on a fence post with queen anne's lace for body parts. must be seen before bujin knocks it off with his curious lips.

i don't know. we tried with all our heart. it was a dream. but you don't get everything just the way you want it. sometimes you do. sometimes you don't. but we tried, and tried hard. we fought, legislated, lobbied.

"sorry," they said.
crOwl hmm.

now it's frozen blueberries melting in my mouth. yum.
what's it to you?
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