jennifer so I knew a girl named andrea
and she has a thing for shoes
and she used to put sun-in in her hair
and she likes her bed to be next to the wall
and she wanted, at one time, to be an exotic dancer
and she named her boobs "the twins"
and she has a belly button ring and two tattoos
and she smokes and drinks coffee
and she is beautiful
and she was in play pro
and she picks her nose to get attention
and she was in the beauty school chorus
(and I have pictures)
and in my 5th hour chem science class
and she has to be the coolest person I know

with hair
jennifer I also rememeber the time we accidentaly locked her out of the dorm room when she was in international and she had to go to the front desk clerk to get a key in her towel.

deb scary how much she reminded me
of me
and of jen at the same time


and for a brief glorious moment
i thought i was

i don't mind sharing the glory, though
anchor baby see: missed 000106
andrea has been quiet for a while
she knows
she knows
she knows
but school is calling and
the computer is oh so far away
when she has words
but once she sits in front of
the keyboard in the library
she is at a loss
a loss
a loss
and doesn't know what to do about it

copyright 2000
fyn gula i knew a girl named andrea once.
i was in third grade and she was the first girl i ever thought was beautiful that wasn't my mother.
i remember staring at her. i must have been realizing that.
After that it was Linda, then Julie, Wanda, Sandy, Debbie, Lori, Joan, Janet,
Tina, Melissa, i guess i should stop, but i'm not done.
crissa Andrea? Yeah, I know her... she's only my best bud for 2 whole weaks! Holy freakin' weirdos we were, laying out trying to get a tan on a windy day in Portugal, telling each other our life stories when we only knew each other for 3 days... I told her about Manny, and she told me about her chics. 010424
Miffey I'm sorry that I used you like that. I think you fell in love, but I told you that I just couldn't fall in love right now.

Especially with you.
2Cool4Skool andrea sydoruk is an ugly, fat ass whore who should go screw more ugly guys 040311
white_wave she is one of the sweetest girls at work. she's looking for another job. and then she's moving to Michigan. we all will miss her.

she is so spunky. i caught her dancing on the job, to that Junior_Senior song.

Andrea is so cool!
white_wave so i found out that Andrea gave one day notice at work. and her last day is Tuesday and that is my day off! I'll probably never see her again. she's on to bigger and better things like studying landscape design.

oh well, there will be another Andrea someday....
whoever Andrea Dobson. The slightly meaner younger sister of Tiffany Dobson. I haven't seen her in years, but man, did she ever piss me off in elementary school. I had a purple winter jacket and she said it was the ugliest thing she'd ever seen. I didn't say anything (as usual).

Now that I think of it, her own face was much uglier than my jacket.
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