jane the most comforting & disturbing thought

it makes sad men happy & happy men sad
marked . 040129
megan when the end is here, everything will be ok. if everything's not ok, then it's not the end.
hang in there.
tourist From Nothing,
'Twas ever Thus.
Each Ending
Begets a New Beginning.
No Collapse is Final.
Such is The Way
Of the Tao.
see change_is_the_only_constant_in_the_universe 040130
magicforest I love this phrase. 040130
*silent screams Just like everything else in my life.

From your first crush to the hardest thing you've ever had to go through...
...Everything fades in time...

From the time you fell off your bike to your first broken heart...
...Time heals all scars...

Eventually things will get better...
you just have to hang on.
Which always seems like the hardest thing to do, but the pay off is huge.
identificationless and change into something else and than go back to what it was how many times will it pass and come back before it finally stays, or leaves for good? 040219
girl_jane Yes, and when will I? 040225
Lemon_Soda I hope so. 040225
Beamer Man all the time 040225
silentbob ...i will not call her
i will not call her
i will not call her
i will not call her...
Restless Toxic_Kisses Damit!

I don't want this to pass! I wanna grab a hold of it and not let go until it's fixed and everythingís alright, to simply let it pass is not addressing the problem, or for that matter even admitting to the fact their is a problem, it's like saying "Ignore it long enough and it'll go away" heck ignore it long enough and I've learned it just worsens, much like a hole/run in your pantyhose
minnesota_chris but I have to eat more fiber 040326
pipers ooo you're funny mc.....*wipes eyes* 040327
Novice I'm not sure I want this to pass...the feelings no, I don't want them to, let them last forever. Then I want you to feel the same thing, but your feelings for her Monica? let them pass, and drift away, just be mine forever. 040327
ethereal who the heck said this to me?

grrrr. this is bothering me now.


jane solomon? 040327
rage this has bought me joy and pain
and everytime i fall down i get back up again
the fire in your eyes
sets me alight
and despite your hands
i know this aint right
im tossing and turning and going through shit
just to be happy for a little bit
i want the hollow to float away with the sea
so when im alone i can still be happy

other cars pass
the car you're in never will
they'll stop looking in a few days
wonder what ill have to go through next
SleepieCloud If we had a motto...

Don't want to talk about it
I know why not
Don't want to think about it

Aces Wild!
unhinged impermanence

but since every moment passes, why not just be happy?
unhinged but at the moment it aches like a motherfucker

what can i say? the pendulum of my hormones swings wide. one day i'm giddy, the next day i have a heaving crying fit that lingers for days.

tired isn't even the word for how i feel about being alone.
hsg ttsp to_the_second
hsg will_not ttsp also pass? Could not the dust_settle & smoke_clear I ponder this still (as both adjective and noun). 100718
sick puppy i'm sick.
nothing helps.
just have to ride it out.
unhinged i don't know guys

shattered_in_two with nothing to glue
me back together
but lonely_lonely alcohol
I know I will love again. 110122
Even if it doesn't feel like it right now. 110122
unhinged and once again
i glued myself back together with
lonely_lonely alcohol
unhinged i trust in the universal laws of karma and impermanence

what i put out into the world comes back to me
everything that arises also falls away

i am learning to trust in this even when
overwhelm me

the sun will come back
even good things end
and i will not be so arrogant as to assume
that anything i could possibly do
can change that

thus have i heard
and seen
and experienced
what's it to you?
who go