daf The Antichrist (of the Christian tradition) has subverted, diluted and changed the message of Christ/Buddha/Mohammed and turned religion into a hypnotic/coercive tool of the Beast.

It is a theopolitical machine out of control that quite literally is the ANTI-Christ. The Antichrist isn't one religion or person per se, it is, rather, a lie about our relationship to and with God that leads us to compromise our spiritual health in order to appease men and their institutions. Although the Antichrist's message is often of oneness and love, the actions that result are quite the opposite. "You will know a tree by its fruits.." If the fruit is bitter...

Points of the Antichrist's Deception:

1. That God is an entity separate from us, residing in some far off place.

2. That we must die to reach the "Kingdom of Heaven", for it is a place far removed from us, only reachable after death.

3. That a living being who walked the Earth is God.

4. That we require an intermediary to petition God on our behalf.

5. That only by supporting the tenets of, or belonging to a religious institution may we find God.

6. That human beings are born with some debt to pay to God, ie. retribution for "original sin."

7. That Christ was a "sacrificial animal" (ie. lamb) whose bloody sacrifice somehow "repaid in blood" our "sinful debt."

8. That we are not capable of achieving what Christ/Buddha were capable of..only a weak fascimile of it.

9. That there is a tribe, religion, race or nationality to which God's "chosen people" belong.

The Antichrist serves the Beast, and through deception, leads us to believe that pleasing the BEAST is what matters now, and that it won't harm us spiritually to do so. The Antichrist mixes Truth with lies, preaching love and unity, but promoting division, and so...hate. There is no everlasting life there, only certain death.
daf Now MEET_THE_BEAST, then FARE_THEE_WELL my friends. 050803
. This is pretty interesting if you're an antichrist enthusiast:
Doar Hey Steve I want you to meet_the_antichrist. He's taking over for Bill in Accounting. You know after that whole embezzlement fiasco. We are sure that the antichrist will be able to pull things back together and he'll also be providing liason between us and the CIBC. 050805
daf : ) 050824
a thimble in time Daf, who or what is this "beast"? 050824
daf You'll find that information in meet_the_beast.

The Beast was around in Biblical times, of that there's little doubt, but it's influence and strength have grown until now there's really little that can be done to stop it.

I'll tell you what...follow me over to meet_the_beast, and I'll rty to give you a few things to think about..

Come on's right over here.. meet_the_beast
daf The question came up, what do I mean by this statement?

"Although the Antichrist's message is often of oneness and love, the actions that result are quite the opposite. "You will know a tree by its fruits.." If the fruit is bitter..."

A few brief examples: Go into any Christian church and make a unifying statement like this: "I think that Muslims are as right as we are. Allah and God are one and the same."

Watch the result. Go watch the 700 Club some time. Listen to the propaganda being spewed out by the Christian right.

But don't get all goodyheaded yerself and blame everything on the Christians, because its just as bad in the other camps. They preach love and peace and unity too. But their actions? They are motivated of politics. Men's motives, not God's.

Now many of you will say, "Duh! So let's get rid of them!"

But why are we so intent on abolishing them before we have something to replace them with?

Because although there is corruption, greed, stupidity and short-sightedness, still religion serves a VERY important purpose. It acts as the lines on the sides of the road that keep us from wandering too far off course.

Thanks for the question and for letting me delve into it.
ILove If religious sects would quit promoting the lake of fire. Would most of this go away? I see this as a huge determent to world peace. What do you think is the best way to "witness" to people? I mean, people do peace demonstrations and post blathers and...doesn't the universe need help? 050913
daf Our children have provided us with the answer. They often do not hear our words, only see our example.Spread "the word" by example.

Work on yourself because you cannot change anyone else.

Find time for your spiritual development, in whatever form it appeals to you and everything else will fall into place.
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