silentbob lets talk about the important kates i've had in my life. first let me specify. i am talking about all variations of the name kate including people who go by "katie," "katy," "katherine," "kat," or anything you can think of.

Katie Evers-- My sister has always been kind of my best friend in some way. She is sort of a projection of myself if i were a girl two years older. she was my first playmate and has always challenged me to be better. i am moving to rochester to be closer to her, among other reasons.

Katie O-- technically not my first kiss, but it seemed like it at the time. it was first grade and we were standing in line and she and nick R. were calling each other names, stepping forward, yelling, and then stepping back in line. it looked funny so i stepped forward, only i stepped forward at the same time she did and we bumped mouths and some of her spit got on my lip. for some reason i can remember feeling really affected by it, as if it was special, even though i felt really weird about it because i thought she was kind of gross.

Kate L-- the first girl i ever asked out and she was named kate. the first girl i ever decided that, "yes," i was in love with. love. in love with her. i asked her out. she said, "I'm a senior and you're a freshman, i'm going to college there is no way this would ever possibly work." i am paraphrasing, but the sentiment was, "it doesn't matter that you spent second semester of your first year of highschool obsessing over me, because i'm leaving."

some part of me knew it was doomed from the beginnning. i have since based my life around that first heartbreak and its teachings.

a) obsess over girl

b) make friends with her

c) become really close

d) betray her by asking her out

e) obsess over why she doesnt like me

f) get over her

g) find someone else.

We have since exchanged emails.

Kat B-- we had a fling second semester of sophomore year, college. no sex, just ... ya know. i was completely enamored with her and spent the better part of a year getting over her. she was technically with someone from florida over the internet and as much as she didn't want to admit that she wanted to be in a relationship, thats what she was in with him, and i was just getting in the way of that so it had to end.
Pieces of pop culture i ended up associating with her, using them to romanticize her/their effect on me:

Ulysses by James_Joyce
in_the_aeroplane_over_the_sea by neutral_milk_hotel
waking the dead (film)
give up by the postal_service
there are others.

Katherine B-- the first girl i made out with after Kat. it was very healthy and without any baggage whatsoever.

Katy B-- first real girlfriend, only girlfriend in college, first sex, first person to ever teach me, "Don't settle for something without passion." had a lot of laughs. was my partner for a year.

Katie K-- listened to a lot of my problems. cuddled.

Katie something-- one of kats friends in seattle saw a picture of me and wanted to fuck me. weird.

Katie Becker-- a friend of betsys. a cool girl.

Kathleen S-- a girl i worked with at MCI, who liked bright_eyes. we both quit and coincidentally started working at the library together. weird.

Katherine T-- i thought i had weird sexual tension with this really attractive girl who was watching one of my improv performances. turned out she had a fiance.

Katarina D-- a friend of my summer_fling this summer. she's really nice.

these aren't related, and they are differing degrees of involvement in my life. some really challenge me and engage me, others barely leave an indentation, and there are others hardly worth mentioning, but its just weird how the Kats keep coming into my life.

it's weird my first love and my first sex were both named kate.
silentbob My first friend in Chicago who wasn't a roommate was Steve P's girlfriend Katherine D. She is a model for how I want all of my friends to be. She is brilliant, tolerant, and very considerate. You should be like Katherine D.

Steve introduced me to two Katies in one day, neither of whom I ever saw again.

Whenever I meet one I wonder, is she going to be an important one? or an unimportant one?
Ms. Pussy Funny, I'm a kate. Havn't been to this site in ages. Used to have a huge cybercrush on u 090210
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