jennifer (paige) a crush
a crush

see you blowin' me a kiss
it doesn't take a scientist,
to understand whats goin' on baby
If you see something in my eye
let's not over analyze
don't go too deep with it baby (baby)

[Chorus 1]
so let it be
what it'll be
don't make a fuss and go crazy over you and me
Here's what I'll do
I'll play the wuss, not like we have a date with destiny

[Chorus 2]
It's just (a), a little crush (crush)
not like I faint, every time we touch
It's just (a) some little thing (crush)
Not like every thing i do
ooh depends on you ooh
sha la la la
sha la la la

It's raisin' my adrenalin'
you're banging on a heart of tin
please don't make too much of it baby
Say "that were for ever more"
that's not what im lookin' for,
all I can commit to is maybe (maybe)

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

( dream version)
Vanilla skies (vanilla skies)
White picket fences in your eyes
A vision of you and me (and me.....{fade})
Monkey Alco Pops ... hey twinky how about that icecream then?
oh not Mr. I Love Tigar Beetroot.
especially the free bees.
hes a rock star and a writter, didn't you know!
carden it's just a little crush...honest 010515
recovering addict no such thing
every ache grows into splinters
that hit and strike
all the way down to the quick

but i can stop them before they
reach me full
maybe i'm just obsessive
silentbob no, this is much worse than that.

though i have no delusions

and i do not think its love

or at least i hope it isnt

then i'd be damned for sure
Tink 22s and Cream Shit thats bad then,
your confused darlin'
If its not love and its not obsession,
then what is it honey?
Pooh bear got the jar stck on his head once, he just wanted more honey and tigger didn't know what to do hes ony ickle.
sort it out mate, you're not mad,
we all are.
anti-plaigarist "just a little crush" an amazing song 040201
Syrope *sigh* we really never would work, so why can't i stop this? 040202
anne-girl i found out what the word crush meant because of this song 050614
Cheyenne. I tell myself that. I tell myself he's no more than a passing fling. No more than a friend, at best. It's just a little crush.... right?

I tell myself such sweet lies...
smurfus rex is it still a crush when it lasts 9 years? 050624
Death of a Rose Either it's still a valid crush or it's an unhealthy obsession.

Doar It's all in how you perceive it Mr. Rex.

As long as you aren't peering in windows and actively stalking with murderous intent, I believe it's safe to assume that it is still a crush.
unhinged but you_killed_it 050624
... ...... ...... god

that was one of the most amazing songs.

though i thought the vocalist was in her mid to late 30's, her voice sounds old but really passionate....now there's a woman who could probably send you to unfathomed hieghts of erotic rapture

great song though

any of you ever had a crush that lasted 24 hours or less?

and you go what the hell was that? what was i thinking?
oE Jennifer Paige [Crush]

just a kid crush that lasted 24 hours or less?
all the time
but i_fall_in_love_with_every_boy_i_meet
so maybe that doesn't mean much
wasted why do things have to be this hard?

i change.. no i dont change im exactly the same but he is looking better and better.

he's one of my best friends...

whats a girl to do
gja well wasted, the only way for a crush to be anything other, is to get over it, or, act.
go for act - then write about it.
then we can all get some sleep
pete action isn't always the best plan, though the crushing part of the crush comes when action is subdued for far too long when the mind is allowed to fantasize. 070129
what's it to you?
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