Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge i dont give a fuck anymore
if anyone on blather
loves or hates me

blather is partly my place
2 practice who i am
& who i want to be
who i slowly am
& what i wish to
to the world

and if you dont like it
deal with it
or dont fucking read
my blathes
or anyone elses you want
to judge or demean
based upon *your* standards

[i shouldnt have said NE of that
cuz in a way im slowly becoming
just like you, but it had to be
said ... ]

[just say what you want to say
|but| dont knock others for what
they choose to blathe about ...

SHIT ... i *am* the pot
calling the kettle rusted

so be it ...i still am a useful pot

everyone just say what you want to say
and dont let me, yourself, and/or anyone else
keep you from saying
[what] you want to say
[where] you want to say it
[how] you want to say it

no matter the:
[no matter how many times you press enter by accident & re-post a |post|]
no matter whos blather
may or may not have
gotten you down
or ^

just say it
just say it

[PhEw] there ... I feel better {eXhaLeS}
the cheer-up kid Self evident truth 1: Anyone can blathe whatever they like.

Self evident truth 2: The freedom to criticise is implied by self evident truth 1.

It seems to take some people months to grasp this simple piece of logic. Some people never get it and tend to storm off in a huff. (See the whole miniver controversy and check the entry dates to see how long this dead horse has been being flogged.) You seem to have got there in less than two months. Well done. Welcome to blather. You do give a fuck. That's why you're here.

Btw your stuff rocks. Happy now?
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge *tee-hee*
the cheer-up kid
yeah your right
im *so* busted
said the rusty pot
:::i do give a fuck:::

Self evident truth #1: see: Self evident truth #2

Self evident truth #2: see: Self evident truth #1
if nec
or confused

[oh i LOVE that, cheer-up kid, you speak my langauge perhaps]

tank shoe

ClairE I wish I could say this.

What would life be like, if I could switch it on and off like a flashlight? Could I still find the way?
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge life is like one big cosmic light show
you turn your lights off
someone else turns theirs on
imagine all of humanity
complying to this theory
all at once ...
at different

[i wonder from the heavens, do they call us fireflies]?
indie.chickadee Sadly, it's true, I don't. I get so tired of all the shit I have to go through in my life. Ironically though, just when I get into this state of mind, my life gets better. Maybe people feel sorry for me? 020509
karl the weed im at the edge of this point. but, self evident truth 3: self evident truth 1 also allows people to blather about people critisizing 030928
silentbob Ben_Folds has a new song

its called They Give No Fuck
phil I don't always intend to be mean, people talk to much, about things, getting hurt, asking us to care, when all this makes us scared.
I eat our fate and twist the necks of poetic cries, "No tyranny or love from restrain, no boundaries real".
x i teeter on this edge. getting to do what i want now, but trying to make sure that won't prevent me from doing what i want later.
no one knows exactly what i have been up to lately. i am essentially alone and have no one to own up to.
a i have a paper due tomorrow that i haven't written. every time i go to write it, all i can think of is telling the teacher off 030929

Dear Teacher,

I don't give a FUCK anymore.

Fuck off you stupid cunt,
no reason except...wait...i do...

here. fuck.
Lemon_Soda I...can't agree with the heading even though i want to.

I feel shitty alot, but I'm trapped in a perpetual state of acommodation, capable of perhaps cheering up others, but not really finding any joy myself.

If I could only grasp and adhere to the heading of this blathe I would be free.

But it would most likely cost me everything I would look back on and be sorry i lost, who are alot of people who currently think kindly of me.
once again "I don't give a fuck. Do what you like."

"Oh yeah? Well I geuss this is it. Bye."


and as he walks away I feel it flooding back.

"Damnit. Come back. I'm sorry."

"Me too. You're what I like."
Death of a Rose sweet tastes....mmmmmmmm.....enjoy a pathos 031017
misstree true freedom is found by not giving a fuck about whether or not you give a fuck... you're free to give a fuck or not, depending on your own wishes... just make sure that you do choose to give a fuck sometimes, because giving a fuck is meat and potatoes soulfood. 031017
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