MercynRe please stop locking me in a box all by myself - why do you tell me what to think and if i'm not a capitalist you label me as a dangerous "subversive" when really all i am trying to do is find a new way around these problems... 010427
Effingham Fish A great idea that will never work.

Kiss me, son of God.
paste! shqueekyd'ball 011204
carne de metal I ask you how things could get much worse if the russians happened to get up there first. 020216
phil never understood how communism became a highschool cliche 020216
reitoei communism is idealism to the extreme. its for people who think "why can't we all get along" has an answer. actually it does. humans are imperfect and will never cooperate. aristotle asked if man was good or evil. man is evil. even if 99% of the population gets along and cooperates the one percent will bring everything crumbling down. the only way communism is possible is through psych screening and selective births. but then you have Huxley or Orwell's nightmare-which might not be so bad. I'm socialist by the way. 020216
sjakkie This is a very weird system. They used to have it in Russia and so. 020403
distorted tendencies Communism is scientific socialism according to Marx. 020403
Lumenia It's good in theory. 020403
madhatter Freedom under a flag of red
Money disappears and flowers
grow, factories close and children

Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky -
Thinkers of humanity, lovers
of the new way.
Drake Dracoli Communism is equality. Equality is life. Communism is not Capitalism. Capitalism is inequality. Capitalism is death. 030217
erin. i have
two hours
to write
a paper
on communism.

two hours,
a deadline
i set for myself--
a falsely set time
so that
i might
go swimming
this morning.

if my paper
were the property
of the people,
someone else
wouldn't mind
taking over
where i left off,
for the greater good
of me.

but there are no communists
to write my paper
about communism
for me.

thus, i consult my sources--
which are lacking
in more ways than one--
and hope that i
might be able
to crank out
5-7 pages
of acceptable drivel
before the sun has risen.
Black Argonaut this may shock most of the world:

a large portion of the Constitution of the United States (God bless America) is based on communistic ideas. No, that doesn't mean Lenin and Stalin's communism where everyone works and they get rich. It is the principle of communism where every citizen has an equal chance for betterment and every citizen works for the betterment of the nation/fellow citizens. You learn somthing new every day.

I love college.
lidown red_star 030412
screqwing for virginity Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism the reverse is true.
John Kenneth Galbraith
trust me every highschooler knows more about communism than the entire political body combined 030727
Strideo "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."

What a load of crap. People who think you aren't entitled to keep what you earn should either grow up or get over their jealousy. Its just wild idealism based on a bad idea not a good one.
endless desire mao_loves_you 030727
Smurf lol 040419
Smurf Ahh Fine, I'll say something usefull. You're all going about this the wrong way. Seek not to compare communism with capitalism, but isolate them in their own forms and then see the advantages and disadvantages of each.
This does not mean immagine their idol state, this means immagine their probable state, without predujice of current events.
LoneWolf communism would work if humans weren't so greedy
human beings are a cancer on this world
anything good doesn't get a chance
black_jesus communism is the best idea, and that's where our world will go too eventually. 040702
nonlucid might work in a group of four(ty?) or so people

the masses require a firmer hand to guide them, methinks
peintre my grandparents were communists.
arrested again and again.

for nothing, really.
late 1940's. the red scare.
combined with civil rights.

who am i today?
i'm not sure.

lacking something, i'm sure.

dry protests.
for nothing, really.
what now?
xx ccp 211122
what's it to you?
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