Sonya I'm too sleepy right now to find out whether or not that's a real word, but anyway...

We're all basically a bunch of unappreciative fucks. Some of us have the fortune of having someone who loves us and yet we're still depressed as hell. Lovely isn't it? I'm guilty of this as much as anyone else. Humans are really ridiculous.

kingsuperspecial has been bringing some good points lately and we're all guilty of being self indulgent, but where do we draw the line? A lot of literary poetry could be deemed "self indulgent" too - romantic poetry etc. A lot of music could be deemed "self indulgent" if the songwriter was writing about a personal experience.

I don't know what the hell I'm talking about here, but I am very observant of things. We've got homes, we've got our education, and our food. Those of us who have felt heartbreak - believe me, I know how much it hurts, but think about all the people who haven't even had a girlfriend or boyfriend in their entire lives or haven't even felt love before. Who is really suffering? Anyway I'm a broken record that keeps breaking so I'll shut up now. I am not going to issue some bullshit apology for the sad poetry I've been putting on here lately because all of it needed to go somewhere and I don't care if anyone reads it not. I just needed to get shit out of my head so I didn't start thinking about doing something stupid. Honestly if there was no outlet I think we'd all be even more fucked than we already are. So I return you to your daily blathers and if I wasted your time...well...you just have to accept that.
m i think people try to hold up too many expectations for what should and should not be on blather. i guess what really attracted me to this place in the first place was the seemingly total lack of inhibitions. as of late i have been more exposed to the elitist elements of blather. and i suppose any community will have different groups representing different themes. some of us enjoy being endlessly clever. others want to laugh. some are just sad souls looking for a place to project their reflection. others want to influence people. blather is populated with the craziest, most diverse group of people any of us will in all likely hood ever encounter in our lives. i can honestly say i have never run a wider gambit of emotional responses than i do here. yesterday alone i went from angry to sympathetic to "how can i be clever" to i just want to say something real. blather is what it is. some of us think we know what it is. some of us dont care, we just write what is on our mind. the funny thing about it all is that blather itself is all of us. no matter who thinks blather should be this or that it is really out of our hands. and thats why its cool. you come here and you may not be in control but you are in a good place 011116
Sonya m, I wish that's how everyone saw blather but unfortunately not. I also loved the fact that it seemed that anything goes here and people don't seem to mind, but apparently some do and others don't. Frankly I don't really care, but I think expectations anywhere are responsible for a lot of animosity or conflicts. blather is what it is. A bunch of words available to us to do what we wish with them and yet we seem to want it to be "our" way and only that way. You're right, we are crazy. 011117
kerry crazy-beautiful

can't we be?

and diverse too,
but thats a good thing ;)
misstree i busted my ass
unleashed all of my
rage and my stress and my crazy
just so that there could be one room
that didn't scream at me,
that didn't need to be tiptoed through
not to step on anything

and what did i get
not even a "hey, thanks, looks nice"
just like the time before.

i'm not a maid
but i can't live in filth

and i'm lost and screaming
and wanting to run away
to somewhere i'm appreciated.
what's it to you?
who go