kx21 from NOTHING to U... 010116
god take squillo, for example 010116
G_wiz13 obviously creativity doesnt have much power it created such a week feeble minded creature such as me. 010116
kx21 Wisdom on the_power_of_creativity:-

To utilise and constantly stimulate your CREATIVE Power, must be the FIRST, TOP and the MOST IMPORTANT Priority in Your LIFE.
kx21 Can Creativity work with the absence of NOTHING? 010125
SCOTT CREAtivity is nothing,
we/i create something from the unformed
from chaos itself i create words

wow, big deal huh?
god we had to train those dogs not to attack goats 010201
kx21 What are the fundamental (smallest) building blocks / Carriers of the_power_of_creativity of the STAR(s) and SHIT(s)?

What are the interactions between the_GENE_of_NOTHING and the_POWER_of_CREATIVITY that create, govern and remove the connections / relationships among the STAR(s) / SHIT(s)?
kx21 ...In particular, the combination,transition,
transformation, transience, and destruction of SHITs / STARs; and creation of new generation and species of SHIT(s)/ STAR(s) beyond the MOTHER NATURE of Evolution...
kx21 ...
AND tap the mysterious and limitless ENERGY and POWER from the empty space, i.e. the_power_of_empty_space...

Copyright 2001.
kx21 The Funniest Energy in U... 010208
kx21 what are its bizarre properties of the most unique energy in U, the_power_of_creativity?

It is able to stretch and shit on Everything and Everybody in the Universe, particularly You and me like nothing...

Copyright 2001.
kx21 a bizarre quantum theoretical force that pervades the whole of space... 010208
kx21 the FATHER of ALL Thoughts... 010212
kx21 The catalyst of

kx21 The catalyst of Size and Performance... 010218
kx21 In particular, the inconceivable size of U & its perfect performance, which is the Envy of Everybody and Everything else... 010218
kx21 The Motor / Engine of U... 010221
kx21 Driver of the Soul... 010227
cyn it is the soaring of the mind when it is no longer linked to the daily toil and boredom that can be life. It is really seeing the world 010227
Bella Her eyes concealed a secret
Vast shadowy pools of sorrow
Could anyone tell that deep inside
she felt desperate, empty and hollow?
Her face showed unorthodox beauty
Few could ever have guessed -
Close acquaintances would never have known
She rubbed shoulders with incest.
She had so much to be proud of
Creativity, youth and intellect
Yet all she longed for from him
Was fatherly love and respect
Sometime he was horrifically cruel,
dismissive, hurtful, unkind.
He was rude, abusive, tyrannical
Destroying her faith in mankind
Though she was his flesh and blood
He didnít treat her as such,
His sexual comments plagued her -
as did his occasional touch,
He held tainted views of women
Had little respect for his daughter
She grew up subdued, afraid of men
As experience had taught her
She sought solace in her music
Away from lifeís reality
Wondered about her role in the world
Questioned her sexuality
Eventually life was unbearable
Each day was a weary fight
Until she picked up a pen
And discovered she could write
Great freedom comes from expression
She gained power from her writing
Never again to be damaged by men
She resolved to carry on fighting
Never again would she falter
Be abused, downtrodden or stumble
Her spirit was stronger than ever
Resolutely she refused to crumble
She was a woman of strength
She was a woman of power
Transformed from a withering, wilting stem
To a beautiful, blossoming flower.
kx21 Beautiful Illusion(s),
wildest Dream(s),
strange Thought(s),
fine Idea(s), or
something else which is
beyond anyone's Imagination(s):-

The Product(s) or byproducts of
a head-on collision between

The_Power_of_Creativity and the_Gene_of_Nothing...

Copyright 2001.
kx21 And The most unique product / byproduct is none other than

The virgin of mind, its

Spiritual Virginity...
kx21 The Father of Q_As... 010414
kx21 It's somehow & somewhat connected to Chicken_flavor, Man_talk, woman_nag, Duck_tale, and everything else, and last but not least
kx21 and your TOE(s),
TOE7, TOE8, TOE9 & TOE10...
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