unhinged i can't write about it
i can't speak
or think
anything to stop this perpetuating
i never used to doze
day dream
my attention was held by the things in front of me
but now you are the only thing in front of me
the light that pulls us over to the other side
and reality always pulls me back
this exercise in futility
the biggest lie i have ever told myself
i can forget you
bury you
place you far away from the front of my mind
i will never tell you the truth
because you won't tell me what i want to hear
it's 10 0'clock
where is your heart?
and this will be harder than anything else
the way you'll look over her with adoring eyes
open your fist
that was my heart
come to me
just come
nah....! unhinged, that was fucking beautiful.
nice work.
nah....! i bet you have a million other poems lying around this place that i have yet to fall upon the pages of. now i'm super excited to read more of your words. 020109
unhinged thanks dear

even though it makes me sad to think about this particular one, it makes me smile to know you like me. i do like that whole approval thing.
niki then share more...please?!?!?!?!?! 020109
Arwyn I saw you....

I kissed you and put my entire heart and soul into it.

I told you I loved you and would see you soon.

I held you as tightly as I possibly could so you would know what you mean to me.

I held back my tears so you wouldn't feel worse than I knew you already did.

I watched you hold back your tears, and harden yourself just so you could make it out that door.

I saw you start to lose it as you got into the car...

I cried as you disappeared from sight and went up to our bed and cried myself to sleep.
unhinged fish_on_a_hook
ClairE I wonder what my_last_blathe will be... 020109
Scorshie The last time
I saw you act like this
We were kids
Bird Jagger and Grendel Richards "maybe the last time
i don't know"
unhinged if i would have known it would be the last time
i got to hold your hand
i would have held it more tightly

if i would have known it would be the last time
i got to fuck you
i would have
(oh wait; the last time we fucked i did you right)

if i would have known it would be the last time
i got to kiss you
i would have reached up and grabbed your face
so that you couldn't back away too quickly

if i would have known it would be the last time
i got to talk to you
without pain, fighting, silence
i would have had something more profound to say

that when i look at you
i can see right through you
to the parts you don't want to look at
and i still love you all the same

i'm not sure i can talk to you
because the last short conversation we had
i thought i heard you say
'i can't even care about myself right now, so i can't care about you' sic
all i do is care about you
and you don't have the energy for me
and i'm angry
the last time we talked
you told me you couldn't be bothered
after all the hell you've put me through

i should have listened months ago
when you told me to walk_away
unhinged (and over a year later
i'm trying harder to make
it really the last time

and the vision of one last kiss
is still haunting me

if i would have known
i would have made that kiss on new years eve
a little better

but i remember it
the way i pressed my lips firmly against yours
for longer than i really had to
so you couldn't deny that
i_love_you )
what's it to you?
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