Aimee My most favouritist (see grammer) show on the face of the earth though out my childhood. That was a show I would not miss. Every day, that was how I spent my half hour of television.. worshipping rainbow bright. especially Indigo. I thought she was the prettiest, even if I was the most like Rainbow herself. but why wasn't there a brown color kid? Brown is a color, why'd they give it to Lurky? One more thing. Murky Dismal, he kinda reminds me of that guy from the Jeffersons. 010310
mikey remember light brite? 010310
monadh I loved it too!
my mom got me the Rainbow brite doll
and then somehow it got lost,
and I was really sad for
what seemed like forever
afterall what did I know
of time
and how long it can really last
and then oneday
I found another one
in a garage sale! I was
so happy..I felt like I had
just been reunited with
a lost friend
but now I don't have a clue
whatever happened to my second doll
I think it got lost in a move
but am I sad? nah...
I am sure I could find it if I tried
TerraCotta I remember light bright, Mikey!! i used to love that thing! (cept i never seemed to have enough colours, and i could never make it look as neat as it did on tv...)
oh well :)
Aimee I still own my litebrite.. in fact I think i'm gonna go dig it out... bye bye 010324
rlzp i love this!!! she was my idol when i was 7 010403
Toxic_Kisses I own everything Rainbow Brite, sheets, Curtains, A Blanket, Posters, coloring books, dolls ,video tapes and cassette tapes, books, even a Record! A bicycle, a rubber-stamp Just EVERYTHING! Same goes for She-Ra and Jem and the Holograms! They freaking rock! 011011
sheryl she-ra I loved
Jem and the Holigrams I hated
Rainbow brite I adored
especially Stormy
cause she was mean and tough and a loner
she didn't take shit from anybody
but deep down she had a very good heart
plus she had her own horse.
I never had a Rainbow Bright doll- someone bought it for me for my birthday once, but my dad returned it to the store for the cash.
He also returned My Sweet Secrets.
I loved My Sweet Secrets
they were the absolute very bestest.
along with My Little Pony.
and of course the Care Bears.
Sonya Ahhh...this brings back memories. I remember Rainbow Brite, used to watch it incessantly. I forget the name of the horse (it's been so long) but I loved it so much, maybe even more than Rainbow herself. I'm surprised there are so many children of the 80s on here!! Do any of you remember Strawberry Shortcake? I loved her too. Sadly I don't own any merchandise. I used to own a Rainbow Brite doll but I don't know what happened to it. :( My Little Pony rocked too, but it doesn't compare to the Care Bears!!! I think I've got a limited edition Care Bears movie poster laying away in a box around here. 011011
Aimee I still have my strawberry shortcake baby doll... and she still blows strawberry kisses... I named her susie... she's still my best friend... i still grab her when I need to cry, I think I always will.. 011011
Casey I had a rainbow bright doll, I remember my mom got mad at me one day for cutting her hair. I always watched shows like rainbow bright and the care bears. Also my best friends were girls back then until they moved. I think that is why I've always liked girls and never thought they had cooties.

The movie was the best though, thats when they introduced the male version of her with a rainbow shooting bracelet and a robot horse. Yeah, I'm a loser, but a loser with a good memory
sabbie i found a rainbow brite doll in an op shop once. she was all bedraggled and dirty and faded and i wondered if that made her rainbow_dull, or maybe rainbow_muted. 011217
monee i was talking with my sister christmas night she said you wouldn't believe i found a rainbowbritedoll for ______ she's gonna love it i said that's awesome i used to love my rainbowbritedoll(s) and she said yeah she said i know i remember how sad you were when you lost the first one and i said i know i had to get another and she laughed and i laughed because she still remembers how i loved my rainbowbritedoll 041227
spoken i remember rainbow brite i was never particularly partial to her though my sisters where i was a smurfs kinda girl and loved the pound puppies anyone remember them they where big for awhile also the cartoon version of punky brewster with glomer and alf lol memorys 090420
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