twiggie i never noticed the difference in the people, from minnesota to new england. but that's because i was just a little_girl, and i expected everyone to be mean to me and look down on me.
new england towns people can be horribly rude. if you live in the midwest now, and think people are rude, try going to new york or connecticut or massechussetts. it'll kill you, it really will. you get used to it after awhile though, and it doesn't seem any different. i didn't notice it at all until my parents pointed it out.
just because i wasn't on the comp dance team, or because i went from being one of the best in my age group for swimming to the very bottom. i was always looked down on...
the swimteam was a huge clique, one i came in on too late. my mom would watch my practices, and try to make conversation with the other moms. they would turn their heads and start talking to someone else...they would blatantly ignore her. people never did that to us in minnesota, and they still don't. it happened all of the time when we lived out east.
i'm not saying that minnesota is the most wonderful place to live, because i really don't care for it. but generally speaking, the people are just more polite and nice.
lizard we tried to climb the mountain
at your house one day,
that summer.
naked dirt and empty sky were all we could see
up towards the sun,
bent, hand on knee.
the air was so thin
we tried to drink it
lungs heaving, tried to fill the sky with our labors.
small flowers pushed their way through crumbs of dirt -
red, like passion,
scattered, the earth's blood seeping through its pores,
stung by the sun, lost in day's light.
my gaze followed them, so beautiful -
you walked ahead
stick in hand
eyes towards the sun
looking forward;
i would have felt lost by your dust,
were it not for those flowers -
my heart, grown beneath your tread.
bethany it's killing me
i need to know who from this squished wonderful place


the 'quiet corner' region
sweetheart of the song tra bong Today I'm missing something in this small New England town...

If you want a real shock, go from the South to New England. Miss out on all that Southern hospitality. The women even dress differently up here. Dulled-down colors. Everything/everyone looks so washed out sometimes.

I love it anyway.

I need to get back home soon, though.
Tiffa Gods, I live here in this puritan run area of Connecticut and I know how the people can get. Snobbish because of Mystic and Watch Hill. I've never felt this to be my 'home.' Which is sad, because as far as I'm concerned I haven't one yet.
Did you know that stores have to PAY EXTRA to be open on sundays? Isn't that fucked? I mean, they help the economy more if they're open all week, and here they are having to pay extra for the oppertunity!! And have you any clue how hard it is to find an open coffee house on a sunday? It's nigh impossible!!!

Ok So I have issuses with my state.
But it DOES have some of the best schooling systems in the country.
BrotherDB Why is it that any and every toll both worker on the Mass. Pike can give you perfect directions to the nearest Dunkin Doughnuts? 020506
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