silentbob settle down settle down 030212
indiefishsticks i color the sky with you
i let you choose the blue
Cherry_Springwater A mate has hands for lifting you up,
A mate cooks double so you may sup,
A mate says yes to hopes and dreams,
A mate says no to lies and schemes,

A mate will care despite the reasons,
A mate will share all of the seasons,
A mate holds doors and can always forgive,
A mate will love you as long as you live,

A mate is the half that you very much need,
A mate will never make you beg and plead,
A mate is the star that you wish on,
A mate is there to help you go on,

Never let slip that bond of two,
Always hold on, through and through,
Love is a treasure, an arrow straight,
So never let go of your loving state.
ClairE Simple and clean and fun and bright as magic_markers.

To (sort_of) pull a silentbob,

1. What is it like being married and playing music together?
Probably, exactly how you imagine it would be.

2. What kind of organ and drum set do you use? What year were they made?
Yamaha electone YC 45~1970
Gretch Round Badge 1960

3. Why did you move to San_Francisco?
It's better there.

4. How do you write songs? Who writes the songs?
We attach parts together until they make a whole song. We both write the songs. We are equals.

5. Has anyone ever compared you to the White_Stripes or Quasi or _______?
Nope, not that we can remember and if they do, they probably haven't really listened to us.

6. Why the name, Mates of State?
It rhymes and it describes two like_minded people.

7. Why do you tour so much?
Otherwise we'd get bored. We love playing live. That's where it's at.
x they they they had a show and i i i got in free and i i i left before they played played played because i i i don't like their new new new album and so i just stayed stayed stayed to see rogue wave wave wave 031016
sabbie and bush is comming to visit
his favourite little puppy dog.

and the children stood at the back
and turned their backs
on god.

i want to go to canberra with a slingshot
and fire mike moores books at bush
as he stands and gives his little patronising speech
to our politions.

did you know, aus has two political parties, and both leaders have instructed their members to give bush a standing ovation at the end of his speech.,

never mind what they believe.
never mind that not all of them agree

fuck the world is wrong

and i can't see a way
to fix it.
blah-ze democracy sucks. crean will have a minor revolt in the labour backbench if he thinks he wll get a unanimous applause. howard has more direct control over his party, but i would be surprised if the liberals stand as well. this said, i don't really care, so long as someone else does. 031017
sabbie ahh babe.
i chose to paraphrase veronica, who was only paraphrasing a well known myth, which is only a a version of the arcetype, but i digress. often. my thought for today is: "i cut off one heather's head and another one grew in it's place"

it doesn't matter who is in.
underneath their natty little suits, they're all the same.

i think they're mass produced out of a factory in Worlds End, NSW [go on, look it up]

doesn't matter who is in power
they all act the same.
doesn't matter who is in power
they all believe the same
doesn't matter who is in power
we're all gettin' screwed.
silentbob i saw them for free as well, they opened for rainer_maria. they played the one song i knew. as well as a cover of jackson_browne, and everyone including me was like, "Wow, they're covering nico!" because nico covered jackson browne on the royal_tennenbaums soundtrack. but... don't be mislead. 031018
silentbob i saw them again last night 040323
carrie_nation_state I love their cover of These Days

They're so fun.

And I love that they tour so much.

I hope they both become bazillionaires and get everything they ever wanted in the Long Run
mates_of_state_machine mary kiss your hips
it doesn't mean you're loaded
what's it to you?
who go