COLDandBLUEkitty i have lost myself
somewhere between myself
and your arms

i hate myself for still caring
but still i care
wanting so much for that fucking second chance

i deserve it, don't i?

the first year was filled with
and trying to ignore you
cuz i thought it was a joke

the second year was of
and missing your company

the third year has been filled with
and finaly letting it out


we were friends
we wern't.
then i came clean

you lied, i'm pissed

and lost.
where am i?
this isn't me anymore..
i'm numb to everything..
including you.
i just know that i miss you
and long for your return..
and for you to again make an effort.

where the fuck am i??
shai hulud "tried to save myself but myself keeps slipping away" 010107
COLDandBLUEkitty nin? 010110
Alexander Beetle non 010501
lost been there done that. Yet i'm still lost. Just in a different way. 010502
birdmad someone,

put my picture on the back of a milk carton.
unhinged i always thought that i was living for one thing and now that the solution has been presented to me i see that i just want to be the way i am. i'm afraid to be anything else. afraid to love him back. 010503
kinkazoid i have gone to find my self
if i return before i get back
tell me to wait for myself
jestification from looking way too hard. i forgot what what whispered in my ear as a child because the elders lost their footing a long time ago with the mother.....
i'm looking...i'm searching for the answers.....and i am lost.
but i like it.
whoknows yes i did 011204
Frozen I want to, but I can't find myself to do so. 011204
she Will you find me? 020724
reitoei somewhere in a labrinth of ideas, memories, experiences and emotions. somewhere, wandering the dusty, winding, twisted passage ways of perception and reality. brightly hued walls and tiled floors meld into sterile concrete around an unseen corner. each passageway streches out past all imagination, and then, suddenly, it breaks off leaving with a blank wall and a torn, faded map, revealing only a red x and the cryptic and useless text "you are here". 020724
phil today 020729
phil I suppose, much like blather has lost itself. People who use it today no nothing of it's origins, it is now just a heap, not a fresh new idea or a dream, it is so complex and alive. When we are always growing and changing how can we ever read what we wrote? To know what are you doing is worthwhile you have to know what has been done, the truth about blather. 021013
girl_jane Then I found me wiped on the door mat after being stuck to the bottom of your shoe like a piece of dog shit.

Thanks for stepping on me.
what's it to you?
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