*_the missing link_* couldn't ring louder in my ears 020110
silent storm Sometimes silence is the most painful noise to hear.
Sometimes it's the best. Intoxicating bliss.
*_the missing link_* exactly. 020110
Mahayana why is the storm noiseless
& was there or will there
ever be flashes or more
in time when the storm
shall converse in such deafening
and voracious tones that the
clouds would by no means ever
silence the squalls again?

[some occurances in nature & life are not to ever be known, is this one of those as well]?[ever weaving unraveled sweaters]
silent storm Possibly.
But for now, I am quietly_furious.
Mahayana quietly furious ... ?¿?

Its only me stated that
"quietly furious At whatever causes you to feel as though you are anything less than amazing."

[i imagine your the whole phenomenon that is amazing incredible marvelous & more]

[you’re the whole lot that is amazing & almost amazing but not quite there yet] [almost there but not quite there yet amazing... like a psyche which has reservations of self, but shouldn’t for they are amazing astounding astonishing]

[so why than, are you quietly furious]
[so why than, are you inaudibly livid]
[so why than]
[so why than, are you in silence enraged]
[so why than, are you quietly furious]
[so why than]
[so why than, are you quietly incensed]
[is it not for me to recognize]
[is it not for me to be inquiring]
[should someone else be questioning]
[or noone at all]

quietly furious
soundless tornados
wrath on in magnificence
whilst situating upon
natures logically prepared hierarchies
endeavoring to explore solutions ...
hairs interweaving within swaying branches
breezes weeping willows breezes

[sassafras & weeping willow branches amuse each other]
silent storm Mahayana, I love you.
The fact that you care enough to ask has made my bad day much better.
Mahayana silent storms
are not [so silent]

[you just have to want...the want]
[2 hear]
[what is not readily][available]

[but than again]
[i am caught up]
[into the wrong]
[storms of life]

[it has happened b4]
Daria To bad the storm is silent for those
who take no time to listen,
'cause for me the sound of the storm holds some magic.

Some are deaf,
I am not.
silent storm You talking to me? 020313
Mahayana *looks up 4 blathes and smiles*

[the first one]
Mahayana a silent storm is one who is [strong]
one who is [knowing]
one who [wants], who is [insatiable]
one who [sees], who [hears], who [cries] out
one who claims [intensity]
one who is arrogant in [defying] boundaries & limitations
one who is [friend] to ones self

Mahayana is said to have filled the empty sky
is said to weave the empty looms


[pure symbol of freedoms identity & wisdom][the core... which is wound... [our] self knowledge][when we spin we unravel our experiences making a strong fiber with which we weave our lives patterns]


[{we spin}][sharing][{we spin}]
Syrope it would be better if i could hear it and not feel it, but it isnt that way. instead i'll just press the angry clouds deeper into my soul and pray that no one else can hear it, either. 020322
mahayana accordingly
[in love] by way of you

i am so completely [in love] with you
[[this is the way it should be]]
Mahayana appreciated and acknowledged
loved and accepted
respected and received
Mahayana secluded precipitations,
canvas, nature-character-identity
brightness peering, folds, countenance known
interim clouds, distant conversations
sighs and remembrances
thunder of old words

bring to a standstill
try to find
scarlet face
unelaborated skies
the heavens the blue the firmament
atmospheres passage
Mahayana [::toDay seems all the more horrendous without you my beloved, i miss you & your expressions, your internet smiles hugs & kisses, … … sort of depressing that it has come to a severe missing of these effects... first when i arrived home i was missing the physical you, the one i got to embrace, kiss, cuddle, be close to & affectionate with and to me [that] was an ultimate ache to not be able to share in any of those actions of love… …well now here i am yearning-aching for at the very least the internet you ... ::]

:: liVing without you i shall never ever be able to master ::
Mahayana [thank you for your love]
[you have blessed me over & over again..]
[...each day that i have risen]

[thank you for your faith in us]
]it truly guides me along my way[

[i shall endure my love i shall endure]
jisy please get online 020813
Mahayana monkey girrrrl 020910
Mahayana monkey girl is not one of these dainty young ladies who wear ruffles 021031
silent storm damn skippy 021031
Mahayana next visit: I say 5 months you say 6
you moving 2 milwaukee: I say 11 months you say 12

[i dont care who is right or wrong i just want it to come much much faster]
ClumsyShadow just to be remembered, some die. 040511
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