CJ The things that wake you in the middle of the night

The feeling that someone knows

Or will find out, what you've done

Just when you think it's safe, it returns

And you will reap what you sow
Casey Visons of regret 011123
kelli crane haunt me
taunt me
as long as you want me
EECP To love is to be haunted. Their love haunts you when they are gone. To truly love is to be spirtually bonded. Forever 020330
rhin went to check out the new paintball asylum yesterday, along with a friend, and we took the back entrance into the park. well, a wrong turn, and we ended up stopped at the spiked iron gate leading into the old waverly hill sanitorium. i had forgotten that the paintball park was situated on the same grounds. after speaking to the guard for a few minutes, we decided we had to take a moonlight tour of the old haunt as soon as we worked up the nerve. i wonder if we will be allowed to slide down the old body chute?! it doesn't get any creepier than this! ...and we forgot all about the paintball park. you can check this haunt out online if you're interested...search waverly hill sanitorium (Louisville, KY) in google, and have a look.

a little 411 on the body chute - the body chute is an underground tunnel leading from the old sanitorium (the sanitorium is 5 stories tall, or otherwise massive in size for an abandoned haunt). anyway, the body chute travels all the way down the wooded hillside, and ends at the bottom of the hill. so many patients use to die at the sanitorium (the white plague was the diagnosis of each patient, and is why the sanitorium was built). so, fearful of harming the morale of the semi-living by having the ever-growing number of bodies picked up at the building itself (i guess a hearse would be a gloomy thing to see sitting on the grounds all of the time), they constructed what is now called the body chute, which allowed the bodies to glide (on a sort of train-like track) underground (all the way down the wooded hill) to a waiting hearse. i read that in times of inclement weather, certain hospital staff would park at the bottom of the hill, and walk up the tunnel to reach the building. can you imagine walking up an underground tunnel and seeing bodies gliding past?! maybe they waited until the tunnel was clear, or maybe they didn't?

the sanitorium is said to be haunted by the ghost of Mary and i believe a couple of others. i think one is an old woman who is said to run out the front door. oh, and i heard a nurse hung herself in one of the rooms, or was that Mary in 502?

i had nightmares last night, and i can't stop thinking about them. the sanitorium is in ruins, and creepy as all hell. i found quite a few sites online today with photos of the interior and exterior of the building. i'm thinking that i don't have the balls to go there at night, or daytime for that matter.

Chris, want to go? :)
minnesota_chris that's so creepy! 030128
rhin wimp! 030129
minnesota_chris Oh I didn't say I wouldn't go...

I'm going to haunt my french press coffee maker when I die. It'll randomly make a strong pot of french roast Colombian.
minnesota_chris you'll find me at Hamline University, Messiah Episcopal church, and lots of food stores in Highland Park in St. Paul. 030324
minnesota_chris oops, I meant this under 'haunt' 030324
Syrope "i've never seen you in a white one"
another one of those statements thats gonna haunt me for a while
(in reference to my previous entry)
they have finally decided the old sanitorium is film worthy. i'm positive it will be nothing less than a t & a frightfest, but we'll see. still, i love the fact that this one hits so close to home...and that i have walked those very halls at night.

Q Please return to the old blue haunt of ours. It's cold without you. 060501
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