Rowbes Something is growing
ever larger
ever stronger

I've tried to ignore it
it grows unrelenting

Growing, yet festering
ready to burst

Trying to understand it
fearing it
hating it

Looking inside
it looking right back
the truth be known
the evil is me

was here
Flowers from Safeway Interesting 031130
Rowbes Is that good or bad?

is curious
Flowers from Safeway Perhaps I shouldn't say. 031130
Rowbes What's the point in blathing here if you didn't like it?

is dumbfounded
Flowers from Safeway Do I have to like everything you write? 031130
Rowbes No, but you could keep it to yourself. 031130
Flowers from Safeway I'm sorry.
I was under the impression it was still legal to have an opinion.
Rowbes that's just the sort of lame comment I would expect from you, Safeway.
You're really getting on my nerves lately.
endless desire smartass psycho safeway
screw him rowbes.
your poem was beautiful and honest.
Rowbes Thank you.
I'm getting tired of a certain person's negativity. Perhaps he is fishing for compliments.

Flowers from Safeway You think it's ME fishing for compliments?!!? COME ON! Let's not forget how this argument started! God, you're such a hypocrite! 031130
Rowbes I never asked for your compliments. I just stated that I also didn't ask for your criticism.

By the way,
Stupid starts with "S"

is done with this argument
sabbie [sabbie's rockin' on the porch
nursin' Ol' Bessie]

looks like the natives are gettin' petty restless, paw. . .

children, children, simmer down
and i will read you a story...

and if you've been good, you can all have apples and your internet conntection not severed by a computer glitch that suddenly decides you owe seventeen thousand years on your IP bill
endless desire oh god this is hilarious.
fighting like children.
sabbie it's kinda like watching baby crocdiles fight, with their soft teeth and tiny claws.

thank you children, for making an old girl smile
misstree 1: poem, poem, poem.
2: interesting.
1: is that good or bad?
2: um. i shouldn't say.
1: why are you talking if you're not saying good things?
2: do i have to like everything?
1: no, but you should be quiet if you don't.
2: sorry. i thought i was still allowed my own opinoin.
1: you're lame. i don't like you.
3: 2, you're a poohead. 1, 2 is a poohead. i thought it was good.
1: thank you for finally validating me. you're right, 2 is a poohead. maybe he just wants people to say good things about him. *self-righteous grin*
2: wtf? me, fishing? have you read what you've written here?
1: i never asked for your positive opinoin. i just said that you shouldn't express negative opinoins. by the way, you're a ztuipidhead. nyah nyah, i'm not listening anymore, ha ha, i win.
misc. other: y'all are silly. fight more, it entertains us.

Rowbes That's it!
This must end once and for all.

prepares for battle
Lemon_Soda *can't stop grining* 031201
Freak little angel go away
come again some other day
the devil has my ear today
i'll never hear a word you say
he promised I would find a little
solace and some peace of mind
whatever, just as long as I don't feel so
desperate and ravenous
so weak and powerless
charleighna give me something; someone, to help me off this. i need another rhyme from another time to help me keep myself a float and i wish it was you, but i'm fine this time if i just touch this, kiss that and my mind would be so sedate...to remember that this addiction has been fed.. in this world where greed is the power. 040325
sab get your hand outta there. 040325
what's it to you?
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