girl_jane I thought it should be an option... 020925
~gez~ be near
be far
but wherever you are
you'll always be with me

stay in
go out
as long as i'm with thou
i'll always be happy with you
ABC the message
is perfectly simple

the meaning is clear

don't ever stray too far
and don't disappear
[no don't disappear]
devalis enough to touch
enough to see
enough to feel
your love for me
squint tickle the back of my neck
with a slow
before i feel your heart beating
through your mouth.
pipedream just to be close.
we don't have to talk
your presence is enough
and we can just sit there in the spring
and think of things
and sit together just for the togetherness of it.
brain stew the way my head fits at your neck, between your shoulder and cheek, is something i think of and smile, even though you squirmed after a while. but thank you anyway. 030504
hopturntwotape be near me, and i will be near you
but not in a technical way
you're still a bitch, that much is true
why won't you just go away?
you took all my money, you won't give it back
you beat my little dog half to death
you traded my widescreen to get some cheap smack
you auctioned my daughter for meth.
how do i love you, let me count the ways
that line is so full of shit
love and addiction at the racetrack of life
crying into their soapy beer glasses, sitting on unimportant asses, while the horses chomp down on their bits.
should i call it quits?
god death is for beth 030517
ClairE I extend my hand, an invitation. Thinking about you makes my heart warm, makes me feel perfectly at place and happy about the warm sun and the blue sky and the pine outside my window.

We finally took a walk only a few days ago, and I said, "Finally we have a chance to hang out." I skipped down the stairs to the Shakespeare Garden and said, "We're always so busy that I think this is the first time we've gotten to hang out without anything to do."

But as I type this you are graduating and soon we'll have all the time in the world to learn about each other. I smiled when I said it, but there's something sad about the fact that I learned the simplest things about you that I never knew, after being with you for over a year.

The time is coming upon us. I sigh and wait for that target moment when you and I be together and have the luxury of doing absolutely nothing, best friends side by side on the couch.
qwerty i cannot get you close enough 030517
hopturntwotape beth and meth, true lines from the amateur play. the masque of social genius is performed in poor disguises.

beth and death, too sad really
no one lives forever, and beth
knows all about that

last time i saw beth
she had a tumor the size of a ripe
watermelon protuding from her neck.

i thought it was a parked car in all that flesh, was it?
puredream just be_near_me and make_me_smile 040709
mmm We could not live together
But we will always love together

No matter where you are, you have my heart and my soul
I said it when I was 17, and my heart has not changed even tho it is nearly a decade later, and I haven't seen you in two years
Hearing your voice is enough for me
Seeing you in my minds eye is enough for me
and i know you feel the same
trox if somthing is near you you tend to push it away because people do that it always happens to me because im just a geek 050411
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