ack. I hate these things. fucking breasts. I am sick of them. sick sick sick. sick sick sick sick sick sick. SHRINK or something, will you??? I AM SICK of carrying you two around!

my back is sore.

everything. they just dont need to be there. sick sick sick of it. Breast reduction never sounded so good.
ferret i'll carry 'em for ya! ;) 030719
silentbob i agree with ferret, i also, will carry them for you. 030719
ack bobby, you're a dirty old man.

which is why I'm madly in love with you.

silentbob woohoo! 030720
ferret ok sb, how about i take the left one and you take the right one? 030720
silentbob that will be fine with me. it will make the load easier on all of us. 030720
"A" Man You aren't sufficiently appreciating A_Day. 071214
amy the whiner i feel like complaining today.

So I almost never get proper introduction, so I've grown not to expect them. i'm both conscious and unconscious of my behavior as a result of this problem... for instance, I didn't go to somebody's wedding because well I had no money for a plane ticket, but beyond that I had never been introduced to the bride and given my previous closeness to the groom, I felt I should have been, if I had any hopes of properly showing up at the wedding. and then, I missed seeing all my old friends! but still, no real introduction, guaranteed subpar seating, if you know what I mean.
then, there are other times when I just forget all together, because a proper introduction really rarely happens so it's hopeless, right? and by this, I mean, hi have you met so and so? and the other person says, no i haven't! and it goes from there. even when i went to college, they gave me this introductory stuff that basically was misinformation about where i was coming from and my mentor person was about to transfer, so he didn't care. me being already pretty darn shy, and to have to cut through the crap on my first week outside my home? that was hopeless!
i know i confuse people by being both strongwilled and shy, but, hey maybe this is why i don't go to parties. i kind of think i have to do all the work myself. one of these days, somebody will help me out. i am sooo patient. although, i do have to become more aware that this part of life gets neglected and be a little more congenially assertive. whatever it happens to take, i suppose. and so herein ends my argument and my complaint.

i put this under the breasts thing on purpose.
unhinged i hate it when people ask me how i am and i tell them how i actually am and they look at me all weird. really, if you don't want to know, don't ask. i don't need any formalities. 080527
amy i would like more formalities, but agree with you that how are you? should be able to be answered however one wants. to keep it real, and besides, i usually really want to know how a person is. 080528
Lemon_Soda I wish people(including myself) would stop treating their feelings like they are the only thing in the world we should be listening too. 080529
Seconded and Motion to Amend Similarly, I would like it if people (including myself) would stop treating reason and practicality as if they are the only things in the world we should be listening to. 080529
unhinged i think a lot of problems in the world exist because people don't listen, i mean truly listen, to their feelings enough. they run from fear, rehearse anger and deny love.

face your fear
to in fact become fearless
hold your anger to your heart
to in fact become un_angry
give all your love away
to in fact feel the joy of love

wallowing in pain is not feeling at the truth of it; to wallow only makes a bigger hole.
. right on uH 080529
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