Q Well, then, I'd rather be with the sinners than the hypocrites. 070701
scoop same same but different. 070701
mr song define sin. i can't be considered a sinner because i don't believe in sin. their's evil, but no sin. you have harm, abuse, hurt, pollution, corruption and greed. These fall under evil. 070701
dosquatch Sin is malevolence with religious overtones. Acts committed directly against, or against the teachings of, the deity of your choice.

In absence of deities or religion, it is essentially making an ass of one's self (or worse).
spoken to many are the self proclaimed pious people


they preach and judge and force upon others the will of there chosen deity

but secretly many vie for the courage to discover the freedom to feel and experience the world in a hedonistic propensity
to free there minds and spirits of taught religious grasp and fear of eternal damnation
only wishing to form there own code of character
fear holds to faith
fear of the unknown
i will face the unknown when my time is at hand but in the here and now i will enjoy and create and be me with a light heart unburdened by guilt of so called sin

conceit leads to self righteous justification and persecution of non believers

open minds lend carefree joy

sinners they call us that do not share there dogma

oh but arent we all so called sinners even those of faith are sinners
rules broken every breathing moment
impossible to walk such a high standard
doomed to fail in keeping to the doctrine
most are unhappy

i was raised a christian thumped soundly over the head with the bible but with growth of my mind and deeper understanding of self i have decided i do not seem to feel the laws of such a life allow me to be the person i want to be
the person i am in true spirit
so i have cast them aside for a less conceited view point

agnostic suits my soul

i live according to my own moral compass try hard to cause no damage to another but
at times i have steped slightly past my own borders with regret
i have discovered my boundaries shift with the rotation of the earth only few constants are uneffected and unmoved but i have never trespassed so blatantly over my lines as to cause damage to another soul intentionally that would be reprehensible to my personal creed

my hope for when i pass from this realm is to leave behind a legacy of improvement and loving kindness
touch lifes with a soft caress that brings a smile
gain an abundance of knowledge and insight
experience the world with bated breath
and develop a me that i can hold in high regard
spoken in anger i have ignored the feelings of others
at times i have been blinded to reasoning of thought behind action of persons i find offensive
tis only human
im loyal to love
and protective of those i hold to my heart
is this a violation of my own creed to do no harm
hmmm i must ponder my conflicting ideals of reality and development
shifting boundaries
align with my heart when experience does mold
bring me to clarity of vision
i delight in self discovery
unhinged make the best company
or so my dad always says
what's it to you?
who go