hsg we neeDOnly this.

and we are free.

from ourselves.

i'll meet you there.

at this POINT in the air.

where, exactly? you'll recognize it. it can be the apex of a mountain, literally or metaphorically. the eye of a pyramid. the place where you recieve the real award for excellence, that place IN YOU when you're no longer afraid to go your mind.

高军 无欲则刚 051213
?x I_am_nothing... 051213
A POEM from SHIT... 051213
hsg1437 how what? 061008
minnesota_chris Everyone over here has been sick for days, and I am beginning to feel odd. Walking around in the dark apartment, with gray clouds outside, I feel that I am at the end of all life, as if everything has died already, and I am existing like a cockroach in the abandoned wreck of the world.

I stuff grapes into my mouth and savor their sweetness. They are only relics, picked a long time ago, in a faraway land of sun and brown people and salsa dancing.
pete sounds like me a month from now, last year, minnesota chris 071002
minnesota_chris that seasonal_affective_disorder is a bitch 071002
pete aye. this year we have warm and sunny weather, and all is well.. i remeber reading last november that it was the 60th cloudy/rainy day of the previous 65.. yeah it was hard looking on the bright side then 071002
hsg funny thing thathishould resurface when it did. i've been sitting in quite a spot for just a few moments, understanding again so clearly in mynd:

the saddest of all things is the one thing we are not allowed. if man could kill himself, he would. and so it is until the day we become truly born to the unbackward's will within us. even beyond our fear of death, so long as effort is an effort it cannot be "worth it" to try.

i've quit like a fool so many times. taken my opportunity & put it to darkness again_and_again. after having lost the will to pay_attention & receiving death like clockwork i_awake_from_a_dream just to find that i_am_still_dreaming.

if u walk through a door you find yourself on the other side of it; the room just as real as the one before it. the only way out (i've found) is to be where you are the best you can. But most importantly to develop your intent to be there forever yet if you have to go then be willing to be THERE forever even if -as is almost always the case- u don't know where u may go.

we can't get to sleep in a dirty room or our dreams will still be messy. peace of mind is hard work & laziness or stagnation bounces you off the bottom of hell. from laziness of body to lightness of spirit. eternity can outwait you, infinity can outbe you until you are that InfinitEternal. notice the poINthEnd of that word I.E. "earn all".
minnesota_chris keeping my head up has gotten much easier, now that I am student teaching. Having something to occupy 15 hours of every day has a way of keeping my mind off the lengthening shadows and mental cobwebs. 071018
Syrope i'm still not quite there 071028
Ouroboros So hard, and then because I think it's hard I learn about mastering_the_art_of_effort from hard lessons learned. 110310
unhinged exertion
h|s|g HmMM 110415
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