kingsuperspecial got my first lap dance tonight
I have to say, it was not worth the money, but at the same time, the skinny, small boobs, sort punk white girl was far from your "typical" hot girl and was about as real as it gets for me. she seemed "real", and I was take in and gave up the cash for a few moments of attention. I'll admit, despite being entirely surreal and out of synch, the experience was entirely yummy. granted, the "dirty" stuff she did was almost silly, and I found myself closing my eyes to try enjoy it, which of course meant I wasn't seeing her kooch, which seemed to end up at the end of my nose fairly often. That was all a bit lame, but there were a couple of times where she lay over me and breathed in my ear, and I ran my fingers over her back, and somewhere in my small, sad brain she was mine, and really wanted me, and that was worth the price of admission and then some.

I wish I could cry.
hierophant jack did she have any tats?

if so, what were they of?

(if you can remember what they are)

Continuous Light i gave so many, but i only remember the ones that turned out badly.
haunted for two years by the ghosts of desperate men who insisted on touching. now i am trying (so far in vain) to find the courage to take the stage again.
but i still haven't gone in for an audition....
i'm terrified of fucking up.
lost my girlfriend gave me one the other night. 011125
nocturnal that's really gross, buddy. not to mention kinda sad. 011125
ClairE Ooh. Sounds appealing at first,
but then reality kicks in
and is all too sad.

I'd be horrible at giving one.
Where are the guy lap_dancers?

(Come to think of it, "lap_dance" is a poetic little term, I'll give it that much.)
lost well it was kinda a lap dance. she had me handcuffed to a chair and gave me a little lapdance then she went done on me and rode me. 011201
rip fucking lost what the hell were you high on soma by any chance
i really want to know your supplier
lost haha eric nice try. and you know you are my supplier. he really is my supplier folks. i normally get 3 somas for a burned copy of a cd sweet deal if ya ask me. oh yeah eric dont say anything i wrote here to my girlfriend. i know i shouldnt have to tell you this but just dont i told her i would keep it on the down low. 011203
psychobabe haha woot for the lap dance
their so fun to give
you have total control of the guy
cube took my girlfriend to a classy strip club at her request. a cute girl asked to lap dance for her, saying she preferred women. no surprise there.

i'd recommend this kind of outing to couples. it's much more fun than going with the guys and the results can be so... dramatic!

note to the guys: spring for the classiest place in town or forget the idea...
TheWhale The loneliness - the beauty of it - the human condition. Strangers on tangential lifes... 060327
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