shinya onna Its as big as a well and its about to set sail!

Bebop, shebop, hebop, webop..dowop

99 luft balloons!

Shout, shout let it all out.. these are the things we can do without. Come on, I m talking to you.

We can dance if we wanna , we can leave your friends behind, because if they don't dance then they are no friends of mine.

Wake me up before you go-go

Sometimes I feel like i got to runaway. I ve got to get away from the pain you
drive into me. The love we shared seems
to go nowhere and I lost my life.For
toss and turn . I can't sleep at night. Once I ran to you now i run from you. This tainted love you give me..

I ll stop the world and melt you. I ve seen some changes, but its getting better all the time . Theres nothing that me and you won't do.

If you leave, don't leave now. Please dont take my heart away..Promise me just one more night. Then we ll go are separate ways. When hours pass, time on our sides Now its fading fast. Every second, every moment we ve got to make it last. I touch you once, I touch you twice I wont let you go at any price. I need you now, like i need you then You always said we ll be friends someday..

Its a nice day for a white wedding..
shinya onna I danced all days. We were cool on christ . When me you and every one we knew believed and knew shared everything that was true. Dance all day love. Take your baby by the hair, pull her close and there, there. Take your baby by her ears and play upon her darkest fears 000816
birdmad lyricall correction moment...
(i used to make the same mistake)

We were so in phase
in our dance hall days
we were cool, uncrazed
when i-you-and everyone we knew
could believe...
birdmad oops, i screwed up a line

"...when i you and everyone we knew
believed knew and shared in what was true...
Dance hall days..."

wow, Sherman, fire up the wayback machine...

here's one:
General Public, 1983...name that tune...

I don't know when to stop
or when to start
my luck's like a button
i can't stop
pushing it
my head feels light
but i'm still in the dark
seems like without ...
there's something missing
d we are the kids of america.... 000817
checkerboard we're the kids in america (whoa-oh) 000817
grendel there'll be days
when i stray
i may appear to be
constantly out of reach
i give in to sin
because i like to practice
what i preach
jennifer the 80's weren't even dead before the 90's were charged with it's murder 000817
shinya onna girls just wanna have fun! 000817
birdmad take me out tonight
oh take me
i don't care
i don't care
i don't care
and in a darkened underpass
i thought
"O god, my chance has come at last"
but then a strange fear gripped me
and i just couldn't ask
heel turn less_than_Zero 000817
splinken something about the "Melt With You" part of Valley Girl makes my eyes all watery.

i'm dumb.
paste! hair, great hair. miami vice. parachute pants. buying "Thriller" from Licorice Pizza. 010615
TalviFatin All the song lyrics made me think of those CD selling commercials with the blue screen. Almost like you guys were reciting the commercial and the order the songs were. 010724
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