corbin ou chat let's_go_and_throw_all_the_songs_we_know ... 020811
silentbob Cats! meeeowww 020812
log burning fire we will push open the screen door and escape into the humid night air on the prowl for pussy. in the morning we'll both be dead on the fucking road. 020812
sweetheart of the song tra bong vanilla_sky 020812
bethany sometimes i say things that i know will hurt people like
in another life when we are both cats
it's like i mean to
and it works
and i get conceited
and the next day
we realise that
no it wasn't meant to be

hopefully he does
silentbob yeah that does kind of suck because... he probably thinks everything is going to be ok but alas... 020813
angie My friend used to say this all the time...then she saw vanilla sky and was really freaked out...cuz she said it FIRST haha
that was pretty funny
jen i hated her character because she was so likable. 021008
p2 i will be allergic
to myself
j it will be okay to lick you. and i won't be called a slut anymore, just a cuddly cat. 021121
screwing for virginity does anyone know where that quote came from, cause im preaty sure it wasnt first said on vinilla sky. 021121
once again When all is simple and our secrets no longer matter. When we are both cats, perhaps then we will be together. 031003
pipedream we will roam the roads, singing on fences and leaping from tree to tree, and i will be graceful for once and we will be able to see without our glasses. 031004
Freak I get so jealous of my cat sometimes. If I could ever switch places with anyone it would be her. Her life just seems so tranquil, peaceful, and perfect. 031004
megan i want to have words like hers... flowing off my tongue, making everyone want to be a part of me in some small way.
i want to be wanted such as that.
wanted so bad, i'm no longer real...that would be so nice...
jezabel we will fight in alleys and
kiss, baring pointed daggers and
tightening throats for serpentine threat
and growling low and hollow,
until we both establish that we are
dangerous_toys, and then advance, box
with claws retracted, battle boundaries
until centers meat, until prides overlap,
and then spring, tumble, send scathing
twin reaps of back claw to dig to the core
of eachother, make eachother yaol,
end with one superior, fangs pressuring neck,
discordant screams in melody with the
piercing promise in the meeting of
alley cats, a far cry from purring pets,
alien, vital, survivalist, and hungry.
niska yes...

silentbob In the director's commentary it says that was a line that was added later, when cameron crowe was asking penelope cruz about something and she wouldn't answer him, because she was thinking of something else, and then that was how she responded and he thought it was so funny that he put it in the movie.

It's probably just some saying that people throw around, or something. Or maybe she got it from some other movie.
Death of a Rose oooohhhh...jezabel....shiver 031021
stork daddy you'll finally let me stick my nose in your butthole 031021
pipedream but what does it mean...when does she say it in the movie? i've forgotten and now i want to know :P 031021
otto filet show i will be able to lick my own balls while sitting in the middle of the kitchen table and no one will think anything of it 031021
megan pipedream...
she says it when frustrated with tom cruise... when she doesn't want to tell him what's wrong
she cries out "i will tell you when we are both cats!"
counterentity we'll both gaze into the sunset with those gray, smoky eyes 040629
cherise we won't need this idle chatter, i won't slip over words trying to convey my contentment: we'll purr and that will be enough 040630
witchesrequiem I'll claw your eyes out!

And then bask in the sun all day with no remorse.
REAListic optimIST http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JynBEX_kg8 071122
Doar thanks Real, I loved it.

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