kx21 r1) Does this string exist?

r2) What are its Knots?

Any Good_Point?
-1dB I think it's kinda like silly string or somethign. It comes out of the can and you don't know what way it's gonna go until it lands in your drink.

I think maybe religion is just another tool that terrorists use, sometimes even as an excuse.
silentbob i dont think its an excuse, i think its just a vicious thing anyway in the first place.

what i mean is, their religion has made them targets of opression and stuff, they arent just saying "Well...i really want to kill you but i need a reason, oh i know, im angry, spiritually, so die!"
lost i agree with silentbob here. 010913
wet dream ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..............yeah. 010913
kx21 Is it true that

Religion = ? + Terrorism ????
dB fear + terrorism + weapons = Division + hate

which = violence

which gives way to peace and unity.

then there is division.

Then there is fear.

Always, there is foolishness and fear.
Telling which one is which... that is sometimes very difficult.
kx21 Religion = God's Very Words / Secret_Code + Terrorism... 010915
dB Religion isn't gods words. It's what they think god is saying. some people think god says something different to what someone else thinks, you get a different faction.
These factions get at each others throuats sriving to be right until all they can see is hate.
srm Terrorism is evil. No question. It's roots are not in religion. It's roots are in desperation. If you're back's against the wall and you see no future, no hope, no possible end to your plight, the first SOB that comes along with some kind of out is going to catch your attention. That religion is an instrument in the brainwashing is happenstance. The methods used rarely have anything to do with the "true" religion (Pick any one of them that have been used in the last several centuries to justify mayhem...)

"Freedom" could just as easily be the battle cry.


But aren't they religions of a sort too?

Hmmm... Maybe there is a connection.
kx21 Religion =
God's Very Words + Human's Acts

The currency of religion:=

Compassion + Terrorism...
The currency of religion:-

humanity + Terrorism...

Is its Net Present Value (NPV) appreciated or depreciated over time?
kx21 Which is true:-

Virus of Terrorism is penetrated or spreaded into the Religion(s) or

Religion is a good breeding ground, safe habor or Heaven for terrorism?
ear parcel fundimentalism + egotism + a need to place blame for suffering = terrorism 020218
ear parcel fundamentalism... rather... blather... mleh 020218
silentbob terrorism isn't always "Evil"

evil is such a relative term.

i think nazi skinheads are evil, but they think that what they are doing is justified and right. they don't consider themselves evil.

Do you think terrorism is evil because they kill people? Whether or not its justified they kill people.

But so do governments. Whether its justified or not, they kill people too. so would you say governments are evil?

If a government is terrorizing its own people, and a small group of people decide to stop taking the shit, and they fight back using any means necessary, THAT my friends IS terrorism. Justified or not.

Some might say its evil. Others might say it was patriotic. the small group is "Terrorizing" its opressive government. that makes them terrorists.

am i making sense people?
nihilistic bird humanity has exhausted its possibilities

we need an alien menace or an extreme act of our own stupidity to end it all
dB I agree with Bob and the bird.

Killing is bad. Fighting is bad. We know this.
Yet someone is always provoking and then the provoked are always hitting back and at the end of the day it's not for money or power or justice.................................................Why does a larger nation push around a smaller one? Because the land is strategically valuable or there are resourses to be cultivated, but mostly it's simply because they can.
The smaller nation can't do much about it, but occasionally kick back. Sometimes the strongest fighting is done after a contender has already received the fatal blow and is simply seeking to not be alone in death.
It is a repeating pattern that is the song of our history.
Like the man said, 'why couldn't we bury the past before it buried us?'
what's it to you?
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