jane "use condoms for you own health"

that's what the sign read in the hotel bathroom. that's a direct translation, it's a good thing i understand french, because otherwise, i would never(yes that's sarcasm people) know that using condoms were a good idea. it was the most bizarre thing i've ever seen really. here i was in this incredibly posh hotel. the kind of hotel where they call just about everything "complimentary", which is just another way of saying "this is what you're really paying for". the kind of hotel where the restaurant that they call "the coffee shop" (another direct translation), has 2 folks at every place setting. the kind of hotel…well you get the picture. the bathroom outside of the conference rooms had a very small discrete sign reading "use condoms for your own health", but did they even have a condom dispenser? well no, that would be out of line, but as if telling you was enough. well, i know that using condoms is a good idea, thankyouverymuch, and it didn't really do me much good.
honestly, why try and promote something, if you're not going to back it? if this hotel is so concerned about us using condoms, maybe they should put little condoms right there next to "complimentary" shampoos and conditioners.
i can just see is now, a little box of condoms, with canadian pacific on it in fancy writing. a pink box of course, to keep in line with their upstanding-looking color scheme

gay gizmo its not 2am here 021001
jane it's not 2 a.m. here either 021006
... that is not going to happen 040224
white_wave yeah i have been known to ramble at 2_am. it scares me if anyone else is there because for some it will be 4 or 5am. 040225
jane i wrote this drunk last night at 2 in the morning. if you know what it means please tell me.

Directors care less for their subjects than the grass does. I swore to god I would never tell my parents about e time I did crystal meth. I did cocaine. I want to do muchrooms. I want to do acid. I gave a bartender my phone number but he’ll nve call me. Being charming is his job. He’s got an accent and his name is Brian. I am trying not to make something to eat but it is tempting. Winter is downstairs with marika interviewing for the paper that is due tomorrow. I don’t know how I blew it off but somehow I did.. I hate the way my wrists look….they look blotchy and hairy to me right now. I hope brian calls me….is his name brian, is it ryan? I could look like a complete fool right now. Maybe he’ll read this later and comment on howwastedI am. He would make fun of me. I cam goin to write a whole page on how awful but cool this night was. I wish I could write in the perspective of brian. Hey also maybe he will read this later. Also I can barely freewrite for m prose composition class right now but I could freewrite all night about nonsense. My goal is to fill tis page with nonsense. I am trying to correct my errors but some of tema re slipping through. I am drunik, I will admit it. My wrists look less hairy, less blotch to meI have written on my left hand “rousseau” and 212 5630003”. THAT is the number for a job I know they pay well. Sould I change the font sizze? Perhaps. Maybe to 12 ecse that is the normal format. I am wearing two rings. One is on the middle finger of my left hand. Tis that bg diamond one. The other is the one that crista gave me…the dragonfly black one. I wish I coud talkt to crista right now. Because I am In love with her. She knows it. I would like to have sex at this moment. Isn’t sex weird? I mean one part of the man goes into one part of the woman. Just ecause we have a hole and the men have a rod does not mean that’s where it belongs. But it feels fucking good. I walked that guy chris to the corner of 9th and 3rd because he was going to another bar on 9th between 3rd and 4th. I love how the computer changes the rd into a superscrpt. I can’t beive I know
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