SM gasp.

no entries for the world's greatest band?
Effingham Fish I'd only heard of them from an admittedly nifty cover of No More Kings on the School House Rock! Rocks compilation and a cameo appearance on Space Ghost: Coast to Coast when I bought Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain at a used CD store with high hopes. I took it home immediately and listened to it all the way through exactly one times. The bored, "Sure, let's make a CD, got nothing better to do this afternoon" way in which they played their instruments and sang their songs were inoffensive enough, and I might have listened to it a couple more times, to see if it would grow on me (and to see if I could actually make out more of the lyrics), except for one song, the name of which I'll probably never bother to learn, about two-thirds into the CD, which I guess the writer had penned while touring in Lollapallooza, complaining about that they couldn't understand why all these crappy bands around them were so popular while the sheer sonic genius of his own was overlooked, and that just fucking tore it. I let the remaining few tracks run out out of my own sense of what is right, took the CD out, and took it back to the store I bought it from the same day (glad I didn't pay full price for it) and traded it in for Mono Puff. 011216
nemo they're so wonderful 011216
ClairE cracked

the city

i love you

(like this strange affection I have for ice_cream_trucks and the button you press at the crosswalk to change the light)
god and it's a really nice hair-cut 011217
paste! 40 million daggers 011217
girl_jane I can fly. I can fly away. So why does the pavement look so damn close...

paste! a redder shade of neck
on a whiter shade of trash
and this emery board
is giving me a rash
little wonder i enjoy this word immensely 020403
bethany follow me here

pavement's song
"no tan lines"

is the same tune as that christmas song they played on SNL this past december...and they played it two times live from popular demand

does anyone follow?
oppressed_youth Rocks my face off.

But hi ho silver, ride. Listen to me, I'm on the stereo! Stereo-ho. My baby baby baby baby, you give me maleria hysteria.

Go back to those gold sounds.

She's got the radio active and it makes me feel ok. I don't feel ok.

Please marry me, Mr. Malkmus.
Me Just for the record they didn't say that the other bands they were touring with were talentless, they simply inferred they didn't like them (Smashing Pumkins and Stone Temple Pilots).

The lyrics are:
"On tour with the Smashing Pumkins,
nature kids, I/they don't have no function,
I don't understand what they say,
and I could really give a fuck

Stone Temple Pilots,
they're eligble bachelors,
they're foxy to me, are they foxy to you?"

Doesn't REALLY seem as though they're putting these bands down and saything that Pavement is better, does it?

Malkmus (lead singer) later when on TV and said it had nothing to do with their music, it was purely personal.

Sounds cool to me, rather than lie constantly about how everyone in the industry likes each other. It's a really funny slander anyway!
charlie wasteland

where my church used to be, there's a Wal-Mart parking lot now. people are going to drive all over my childhood and never know it.

i wonder whose childhood i'm driving on.
Snook Walking
the nearly half mile
to the office
where i temp
I think
with what we were given
what we should know
is what we want
well, is it?
or is it cause that's just how
it was for the last generation?
does anybody really want this
this ladder
one rung to get stuck on
always looking up the persons ass above you
and some below you always on your back?
what's it to you?
who go