silentbob This is directed at everyone. And i mean it in good fun. i love all of you. understand i'm kidding. 040612
silentbob does anyone miss me? 040612
silentbob i'm totally leaving forever.
not that anyone will notice
silentbob seriously going
i'm practically gone already
i've totally moved on
silentbob HEY! i couldn't stay away! IM BACK EVERYONE!!! I MISSED YOU TOO MUCH! 040612
minnesota_chris hey that is so not funny

kookaburra hey, dont make fun of us...
we're just a little fickle.
silentbob fickle is cute 040612
Connecting..the.dots.. *LOL* yes, each and every time ^.^ 040612
the hirsuit one who howls at gravities rainbow someone should just do parodies of a real identifiable blatherer, and well you know have a little fune whith it 040612
Otto Crossreference pavlov's_dog 040612
TK Hit the nose right on the hammer SB =) 140406
be careful what you wish for DAFREMEN: F*ck censorship.

SILENTBOB: but sometimes I feel like I say too much because_the_internet. and if addy, or felicity, or kirsten, or molly, or betty, or veronica, or cheryl blossom, ever come across the blathes I've written under their names... I...

OREN: a_reference

TK: thanks :P

DAFREMEN: I mean, what's America coming to?

IN A SILENT WAY: the sun drizzled down the summer day like a warm omelet. he looked at the way the shadows slanted. and he was the yolk of his own imagination.

PASTE!: ...and he felt his toes curl into slots of enzyme fetuses. "Whoa!" the goat_pocket shouted. "I've gone days without a mercury_bath."

IN A SILENT WAY: okay, i guess i'll back off then. but maybe i'm just being a metaphor metaphor simile about this. you decide.

SILENTBOB: You can't say it's not a feminist issue.

DAFREMEN: It's not a feminist issue. It's not about *gender* but FREEDOM OF SPEECH. If you can't understand that, I might as well be talking to a monkey-brained turnip.


UNHINGED: well i don't think you know anything about monkey-brained turnips. i used to live with a monkey-brained turnip and he told me he wanted to be just_friends. so i guess i'm cynical.

SILENTBOB: me too.

E_O_I: I don't know what you're all so emotional about. James Joyce never disappointed me. He emails me in my dreams and tells me he likes my poetry.

UNHINGED: urban_bodhisvatta

FLOWEROCK: NO. Poetry doesn't grow in the city. Not with all the smog and politicians and bullshit.

TK: But that's not what blather's all about. Blathers a community of people.

BLATHER SPELL CHECK: It's "apostrophe," not "self-esteem."

HSG: f(re:e) your re(mind)

E_O_I: I like your poetry too. I'm not really aloof and mean. I want to make friends. I'm snickering at all of you behind my back, but I'm willing to condescend to your lower level of intelligence.

U24: can you do that in javascript?

E_O_I: What? What's that? Is that a reference to James Joyce?

U24: i thought so.

BIRDMAD: Well if it wasn't for those buttfucking ugly republitards maybe there'd be less weird word mashups.

BLATHER SPELL CHECK: You mean "fewer."

BIRDMAD: Clearly you're correcting my grammar, not spelling, so piss off.

UNHINGED: metta not meta.


STORK_DADDY: Well, actually, if we take the philosocioscientifico view...

ZEKE: (minimalism)

TK This, yea ok embarrassingly I did not "get" it with the first read through, so I went and ate some sketti (you know, brain food) then came back
and re-read it _after_ having read dafremen's blath in " blather_censorship " and *click* I got it

yea I'm a bit slow like that sometimes *makes a face* but this, the fact you even took time out to think this through enough to post, awesome.

Not that that you or any one else gives a rats (~thankfully~) weather or not I like something, but the Zeke thing especially made me laugh ^.^
in a silent way that was entertaining, anonymous parodist. but as someone who helmed baby_satan's_snack_tips and loved exchanging nonsense with paste! and kss and others, i have to say i find the insinuation that i would back down from a silliness fight pretty hilarious. i thrive on that stuff. always have. even if i am little more than a metaphor / simile machine devoid of substance or meaning. 140407
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