birdmad i'm gonna set the building on fire 010514
carden excuse me, that's my stapler 010514
Aimee and those are my metallic gel pens!!!! I hope you didn't take my post it notes 010514
Casey I my world that's an oxymoron...I live in a cubicle with only enough room for me 010514
birdmad mmmkay Peter:
Well, i usually show up about fifteen minutes late, and then for about the first hour of my day,i space out.

BOB: Excuse me?
Other BOB: Space out?

Yeah, i stare at my desk for about an hour, but i look busy.
sabbie i sat and stared
at someone elses screen
all day today.
willing the information
that flickered past
to resemble the things we are learning
trying hard
to understand
how all the packages fit together

while a beautiful girl
in a green tshirt
wandered around the office
watering the plants.

oh, fairy godmother,
all i want is to be her
carden hi, my name is steve. i come from a rough area. i used to be addicted to crack but now i am off it and trying to stay clean. that is why i am selling magazine subscriptions 010516
yummychuckle i heart this movie.
one of my favorites.
Anonymity can I get a subscription to Mad Magazine? 010806
sweetheart of the song tra bong We're all going to federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison!

You know, the Nazis had pieces of flair...that they made the Jews wear.

You're gonna quit?
Not really, I'm just gonna stop going.
p2 yeeeeeeah
that'd be
p2 The red Swingline stapler that Milton was so afraid of having taken away was never actually manufactured by the Swingline company; it was instead painted red by a crew member in the props department. However, following the movie's success on video as a cult film, the demand for red Swingline staplers (apparently as a symbol of quiet rebellion among cubicle-bound employees) was so great that the company began to sell the red Swingline stapler on its website. 021219
silentbob that is fucking fascinating 021219
jane yeah, p2, how did you find out about that? 021219
find the movie
click on "trivia"
rock on
The Bobs 021219
Nathan88 milton reminds me of a guy i used ot work with...i actually checked the credits to maike sure it wasnt him...
thats cool as hell bout the Swingline making red staplers now...should that movie get some profit sharing for that...i think so
carlita one of my ultimate favorite movies 030729
stuck@workintoronto It could have been the end of the world for all we knew.
"stay on the phones"
we were told
Now it's the Stones
"stay on the phones"
we are told.
The free ad must go on!!!
I fucking hate my bosses...I really do.
I'll not submit to stereotypes...but oh how they perpetuate them. Resentment a-go-go.
nomatter quite possibly one of the funniest movies. 030914
REAListic optimIST during my meeting with the bobs, i asked them if they had ever seen this movie. to my surprise, bob answered that he had, and that he had actually quit his job as a result of having seen the movie. soon thereafter, i was laid off. thank goodness i learned from his mistake, the unemployment checks keep rollin' in! 031128
Annie111 Umm, yeeeaaahhh, I'm going to have to ask you to go ahead and uhhh, move your desk again. Yeaahhhhh.

There was a dude who worked in my office this summer who totally rocked the Hawaiian shirts on Friday, a la this movie. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.
a thimble in time outside 040827
gif never put a parakeet cage next to your desk... 040827
Just a thought Everyday since i started working has been worse then the day before it. So everyday you see me is effectivly the worst day of my life.

Damn it feels good to be a gangster
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